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Stacey rEY

Life Coach | Spiritual Mentor | Medium | Reiki Master Teacher | Past Life Hypnotherapist | Advanced Yoga Teacher | Body Talk Practitioner | Emotion Code | Intuitive Channel | Healer

As a former provincial gymnast and cheerleader, Stacey participated in highly active styles of fitness during her adolescence. After developing an auto-immune condition a few years ago, working out was no longer an option for Stacey. Years of unanswered visits to the doctor and failed medical help pushed Stacey to seek alternative healing modalities specifically in the form of Acupuncture, PEMF, Reiki, and Yoga. To Stacey's own skepticism and surprise, she began to heal. With such amazing results and a newfound passion for the energy healing therapies, Stacey was offered the PEMF business in which she had received previous treatments from. She then went on to train to become a PEMF Therapist with Josh Silver, Pulsed Energy Technologies LLC. Stacey continued to extend her education by taking workshops in Energy Management and Intuition Development through Andrew Keith, MBA, Medium and Cellular Healing Specialist.
With her health on the rise, Stacey attended Yandara Yoga Institute in BCS Mexico to deepen her own practice and knowledge by immersing herself in yoga, like-minded community, lifestyle, energy and spirituality. She received certification as a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher and Level I & II Reiki Practitioner. After returning home from Yandara, Stacey furthered her education and became a Reiki Master Teacher, Regressional Hypnotherapist, as well as attended Crystal Healing, Jyotish Astrology and Mediumship workshops. Experiencing what can only be described as a welcoming home party, Stacey discovered she had found her soul's purpose. Stacey thus added Reiki, Yoga,  Regressional Hypnotherapy,  and Birth Chart Readings, to the PEMF business which was passed on to her.

Stacey created Sage and Center: Yoga, Health & Healing a business which aims to inspire all on the amazing abilities our very own bodies have to heal themselves. She furthered her education growth becoming a 500 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, and Spiritual Mentor. Sage and Center encouraged energy healing, breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, nutrition, and positive thinking so that one can become the driver of our their own vehicle (the body). Stacey practices and guides the benefits of complimentary therapies which connect the mind, body and spirit to promote both physical and mental well-being for all.  Also guiding her clients into their gifts and life purposes.

Stacey's adventurous wild soul traveled the world hosting retreats, workshops, and training's which led her to Johny Rey her twin flame, Jessica Cote her partner in Divine, life purpose and next level of her journey creating Accepting the Divine. The team have come together and like no other in this world are offering their truly unique abilities to channel, medium-ship, and heal. Stacey's role is an advanced healer, expert life coach, and medium of those already on their awakened path & the souls from different realms, providing them the steps in which they need to crossover, release trauma, find acceptance, and move forward on their infinite journey, 

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Reiki Master Teacher | Life Coach | Spiritual Mentor | Past Life Hypnotherapist | Body Talk Practitioner | Intuitive Channel | Quantum Healer 


Johny Rey got a taste of both worlds. born in the heart of Colombia in Bogota then fleeing his country at the young age of 9 to start a new life in Miami, FL. This is where his skateboarding career began. As he worked on his craft, his mother Andrea began to study energy healing and did many miracle like healings on him. These healings made him a believer in the power of energy within us all. He picked up a couple self healing tips but with his passion burning, skateboarding took him around the country ending up in LA, CA. Los Angeles was his dream or so he thought. Soon after his arrival he went on a trip to visit his mom, this is where he met Stacey. An undeniable connection was made but not fully understood. There were uncountable synchronicity's and what would seem like far-fetched coincidences sparking all over the place. She taught and attuned Johny to his level I & II Reiki Certification, filling in some of the gaps from what he had understood experiencing his mom's healings growing up. When he flew back to LA, the experiences and series of "coincidences" did not stop. This began to shake his life and changed everything as he had known it to be.

Johny had met a few mediums throughout his life but none were able to reach Johny with as clear and concise information and insight as he had received in his attempt to gain a deeper understanding of life, his meeting with Stacey, and his purpose in general. The medium was introduced to Rey through Stacey, who was also one of her mentors along her individual journey. she sought out guidance post their intense and intriguing meeting.  All the synchronicity's made Johny very curious, he asked Stacey to connect them further so he could experience his own form of validation.  After that reading everything changed. The veils began to drop and this change challenged Johny as he awoken into the awareness, knowing, and insight he had received which did not align with the life he once dreamt of, now created, and was living in LA. It took eight months for Johny to leave the life of personal gain he had created behind, what some may call the "ultimate" sacrifice; friends, dreams, business, the party, the shine and glam. But while he was taking advantage of his free will, living out his old dream, and readying himself to leave it all behind things were brewing heavy in Canada with Stacey.

A client came into her life who is very connected to the higher realms of consciousness, highly gifted, and very rare but unaware of her gits in the beginning. Some would call or recognize her to be a "living portal".  During the healing work Stacey was providing for her client, connections and sessions intensified as the two began to channel the Higher Realms receiving accurate, clear, and conscious directions/guidance on their purpose here on the Earth Plane and the team who chose to help them with this mission.  Johny being apart of the team, Stacey's other half, and as some would call it her Twin Flame. Johny's higher-self and his guides hard at work to enlighten him on all that he could experience if he took the path that led towards Stacey and this mission channeled through the living portal to essentially talk some sense into him. This message was the last straw for him, it was the most amazing and clear guidance he had ever heard from the Higher Realms. They called him out in every way possible making it impossible to consciously stay in LA. He agreed to follow his higher self and heed to the calling. Like magic everything in his life started to fall into place to make the transition as smooth as possible, even the people around him seemed to fall into divinely guided place. Trust is one of the biggest lessons he was challenged to learn but agrees it was well worth it. 

Now he is living in Canada with his twin flame Stacey who has trained and attuned him to his Reiki Master Teachers. Furthered his knowledge through training's on Soul Healing, Past Life Regression, Medium-ship to grow as an holistic practitioner, counselor, and coach.  As Johny continues to experience a life full of synchronicity, develop his own psychic abilities/gifts, connect to all of their guides, and heal as many people as possible he has found what's important is helping individuals become self aware, reminding them of their own connection to the all. Life is now more meaningful than he ever imagined. Not only is he is still pursuing his passion by skateboarding and building his skate company BLNT, he is also experiencing a higher connection to himself and no longer looking to fulfill the ego's desires. This connection allows deep learning/understanding and best of all they share it with the world through his and Stacey's company Accepting the Divine. Johny's role is this Healer & Life Coach of those beginning their awakened/spiritual journey, ready to learn more about themselves, heal from their pasts, and step into the greatest version of themselves.  Providing them steps, information, and awareness into the truth of the world we live in, how energy works, how to shift their perception, & how they can begin to heal themselves; resetting old patterns, dysfunction beliefs, and limiting thoughts. 

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Medium | Channel | Living Portal | Reiki Practitioner | Advanced Healer | Creator & Owner of Obviously Chic  

Coco was referred to Stacey from a mutual friend to guide her through her challenges. Healing from a past relationship was on her forefront and little to her knowledge Stacey would be the portal to unlocking her out of this world gifts. Through healing & life coaching sessions Stacey discovered very early on Coco was different and like no other client she had worked with before.

A connection instant and so strong was shared and felt by both. Stacey gentle with the process of healing eventually shared with Coco that she is a medium but to what extent they both were about to quickly learn. As they sat down for their first practice channeling session on the human level neither of them knew this would be the day that would change EVERYTHING -But it did and a year later after understanding who they are, the mission at hand, processing, practicing, and working with their guides they have come out of the closet to share their gifts with the world.  Jessica's role as the living portal, the universal force is channeling souls, guides, realms accessing any information you require. The final step on your awakened journey with her ability to heal any remaining blocks, illnesses, & cords when you are truly ready to change your life.  

A message from Coco,

"Hocus Pocus, that’s what my dad calls it. I mean, being able to connect with loved ones is scary & seems soooo far fetched to a lot of people. I know —I grew up thinking you live & die & once your gone- that’s it.

Truth is— my entire life I always knew there was something MORE. That how could we live this beautiful life & then one day be just GONE. All those moments that pass when we feel our loved one around, the clock that rings in the middle of the night, or the push you felt to change your life.

They are ALWAYS around & so much stronger than you even realize.

REALITY—  I grew up the same as everyone else & outside of this I have a company all my own completely removed from anything close to this— last summer I realized my gifts and how I am different than most & it was a lot to take in, a journey that has changed my world & already helped sooooo many souls.

Everyone is a medium on some level, I am different in a completely different way. You don’t have to “wait” for a loved one to come through, you WILL have a conversation through me directly to you. You can talk them & ask them exactly what you need to know- to heal, cry, love & if you need to— move on.

If a loved one isn’t who you need you can also connect and get guidance on what’s holding you back & where you need to go, I can help clear out the cords that are holding you back and so much can come through to give you clarity on the life your trying create, I can direct you on the next steps and who from my team can help you become the BEST version of YOU!

I seriously had NO CLUE about reiki, mediumship, messages, cards, crystals or ENERGY. A year and half ago- I was closed off and had NO CLUE. I mean I thought ESSENTIAL OILS were the top of healing & feeling well! 

You can be the juiciest peach on the tree & someone is still going to think you aren’t good — if I don’t resonate with you THAT’S okay— 

But if I do, your reading this and feeling it inside- that means even though you feel like this might be CRAZY its seriously meant for YOU!

BOOK a time —— I am excited to change your world, connect & help you in anyway.

Love, Coco"