Spoonful of Stacey - Medical vs. Magical

Since I've found out about the pregnancy I've made it my intention and goal to experience every nook and cranny of this journey, to gather knowledge while exploring all different types of books, articles, authors, mama's, and to ultimately make decisions based off of what feels right for me. We are our smartest doctors, healers, midwives, and doulas and if we trust and listen to our bodies and intuition we will be guided throughout our pregnancy. That said, gathering information, speaking with experienced individuals, exploring curiously all avenues should not be ignored. I felt so uneducated on the journey of birthing throughout our time but was always aware there were plenty of different options especially in our day and age. They didn't have the means to technologies years ago as we do today. One can give birth out of the comfort of their home unassisted while another can have modern medicine delivering in a hospital.
Now at no point am I claiming I know what is best for a pregnancy, let's get real this my first time getting a double stripe on a pee stick! I only know what's best for myself and I truly believe everyone does. I've also been blessed with close connections and receive complete accurate information on my birth from Coco so anything I question I just channel my pregnancy guides straight through her and can quickly move through the BS. I think our society and fellow mom's should respect everyone's personal decisions and choices made during their pregnancy and of course share your knowledge but know that this is what worked best for you and others and shouldn't be pushed or judged if done differently. During my journey I will be blogging about my experience completely different as no pregnancy and birth are the same. I have felt guided to share this journey with you all but other than blogs I wasn't clear yet on how I would utilize the gifts I have and bring this to light.
Prior to my conception I had several clients book in with me who were young moms, and educated in birth(thanks universe). I was approached by one of them to run workshops assisting fellow mama's on all the ins and outs of pregnancy not taught by our formal educators. We will be joining together to mirror my pregnancy in which knowledge, understanding and awareness to this amazing miracle and transition from Maiden to Mother is shared from trained Doulas paired with my offerings as an Advanced Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, and Holistic Practitioner.
As I come into this new beginning it's now in my awareness how medical this miracle has become. My guides directed me to get the proper testing done just to make sure everything on the human level is balanced for the pregnancy. My journey with Doctors and Hospitals hasn't been the most pleasant and I've spoke about this prior and ruffled some feathers. Remember it's my experience and it's ignorant for you to judge, assume, or expect you could ever understand how my failing of health, multiple incorrect diagnosis's, and journey back to health truly transpired. I feel everyone has their place Doctor's, Natural-paths, Healers and we as individuals have to educate ourselves in all areas eastern and western to round out our knowledge and make decisions based off of what feels right for us.
My first Doctor's appointment did not feel right. It wasn't negative, it wasn't positive it just wasn't us. The experience was cold, disconnected, and very cut and dry. Pregnancy seems to me from what I've heard, seen, and experienced been completely stripped of it's true nature. When I think pregnancy I see the mama to be over the course of 9 months being given the opportunity to have time just for herself for self-care to its highest degree...we are growing a human if anytime we should
be SELFULL I'm gonna say this is the time! I see groups of women gathering around her to nourish and support this magical time. I see her understanding this isn't just a new baby coming into the world but a rebirth of herself and ascension into a completely different stage and role in her life. I see her embracing it all as she knows everything she is feeling and going through is what needs to happen for her and this new soul entering the world. I see two souls in one strong, divine, with a heightened sensitivity and this must be nourished and properly cared for.
So many are unaware that every thought, emotion, belief system, fear, and phobia experienced by the expecting parents is passed down to your growing baby right from the time of conception. We have women pushing to get their hours in for maternity leave, possibly working lack luster jobs, babies born into divorce, single mom to be's, etc. Imagine what thoughts and fears during this time could be transferred over into your nugget. Giving to self and taking time to be with this process will teach your baby how to respect the female energy, take care of themselves, allow themselves to receive, and honor their individual needs.
As we are all creating our lives, the conditions trusting the process, following your heart, and going with the flow one can create the birth journey they would like to have. This time should be respected and credited by our society I believe much more than it is. I believe women should be educated on how to listen to their bodies and intuition, on all the options they have, and given the space to make their own choices not clouded by medical fears or opinions of others.
Wishing you all love, light, and the wisdom from all your darkness,
Namastacey (~*~)

Spoonful of Stacey - Coming Out Of Our Closets 

Namaste loves, it's been a while since I shared an update on the evolution of my life's purpose and Accepting the Divine there has been a plethora of shifts, changes, and additions I am excited to share with you all! April was a challenging month I'll speak for self but energetically with 5 retrograding planets, powerful moon phases, and energetic shifts we were all clearing up the old and downloading a lot of new information that will begin to come up in you as divine insight through your senses; ideas, clarity, urges, pushes, guidance growing the seeds you've planted & manifested from the beginning months of the year. I've had an overload of inspiration for Accepting the Divine come through with lots of ideas for Conscious Products and the clarity I was searching for on what direction the business is evolving into and how to do this in the most gentlest way for everyone now involved. 

I've for the half of the last year or so felt as though I needed a shift in what I offer and give to the world. Not that I'm unhappy or bored with healing sessions, life coaching, spiritual mentoring, teaching yoga, just very aware that I am ready for my next level, I am ready to grow. And the time is here. Patience was definitely required as once I make up my mind about something it's quite the challenge to wait for others and the world to catch up to me. I'm sure some can relate ;) But a lesson I've come so far in since beginning my awareness into self care of the mind, body, and soul. I can remember being the most impatient person ever...and we are talking like 2.5 years ago. I would get anxious and uncomfortable waiting at trains, in traffic, having to make extra stops on a trip, etc. What I know now to be an imbalance within my energy. Plain and simply once you understand energy, seize your disbelief or dysfunctional beliefs of the mind-body connection, the universal laws, and become more mindful and aware of how you're managing your own energy, everything I mean everything starts to make sense and your whole limited perceptions will shift.  

I know there's people out there that talk shit about, judge and question what I do and how I live my life. Call us a cult(seriously people lol) wacky doo, or too far gone. But truth you are only showing me your true colors, your insecurities, and meeting my situation with where you are at. And p.s. if you think I'm crazy now just wait till you read on. I was on the other side just a few short years ago and know where this all stems from and a lot of people don't know that or forget that. I'm human just like you. 

I lived what I considered to be a normal life relatable to others just trying to fit into society, fall in love, make a career, build a savings account, partied on occasion, had lots of "friends" but life took me down a very interesting path through trials and tribulations it led me to discover and unlock all of myself. If you would have told me 5 years ago you are imbalanced, you need to understand energy I would have looked at you side-ways, become defensive, doubted you, or pushed it to the side. Point is there was a time in my life when I knew change was needed, there was more to this world, and that our society is backwards only with that awareness will one begin an accelerated journey into the greatest version of yourself. 

I am still Stacey. I still love fashion & styling, dancing & laughing, indulging in treats from time to time, sunbathing, playing, escaping into Netflix & streaming, getting into mischief, breaking rules, ignoring 'authority',    pushing the limits of self and others, speaking my mind, etc. I do all these things but now from a conscious place of love not fear, with an awareness of how people, situations, activities, my actions, relationships energetically/physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually affect me and others. The importance of not living life from the egoic mind(fear) attachment, judgement, worry, impatience, anxiousness, control and disconnect but from my

heart space(love) co-creation, interdependence, balance, compassion, acceptance of situations one can not 'control', trust, and mindfulness(present moment acceptance). 

I'm not sick with a failing immune system and I understand what causes any illness, disease, pain, from the ROOT of its existence . I just take better care of myself on all levels, I talk better to myself, have a deeper connection and the know to flow with Nature not against it, think for myself not limited by others judgements, assumptions, or expectations, became more proactive than reactive, gained a deeper understanding of the universe, continuously seek to become the greatest version of myself, set healthier boundaries and routines, live from my heart and let her led making conscious choices and decisions that benefit me in the long run and live intentionally. And through this shift I reversed my health & found what I know most search for or get lost along the way and settle for less than...my life's purpose.

Now a look into the new services and products! If you've followed my journey or our business you'll know I am all about Self Care of the mind, body, and soul for I learned it's importance on my own individual journey stated above. I would create Self Care Morning/Evening Routines and daily maintenance for myself and for my clientele which we called Om Work to aid in alleviating stress from their lives, heal their root issues, cultivate equilibrium in their system,  and allow them to open up to their widest potential. I call it intuition/divine guidance as the ideas came rushing through me insight into how the business will evolve. I was guided to create Custom & Monthly Subscription Self Care Box created, channeled, and charged for the specific month, season, and cosmic shift(monthly subscription box) or specifically customized for you(custom self care box) or a loved one and what I channel is most needed to bring harmony into the individuals life. The boxes will include an assortment of our Conscious Products & products we use from other local organic suppliers shipped directly to your door for the new month. 

I am also all about Rituals and there ability to cultivate connection, work with intention, restore harmony, heighten emotional intelligence and promote awareness/clarity into our current situation. I've created Bath Rituals before and shared them on my Blog, Facebook, Instagram and one day recently was guided to make this a service for others. I channel the client and take inventory of what they are most in need of and create them a Ritual Box filled with our hand crafted, 100% pure & natural healing products to assist with the Step by Step Instructions for the Ritual I create for you, your loved one, or group. Examples; a couples ritual, women's gathering ritual, fertility ritual, blessing ways, Moon rituals, rituals for self-love, healing past wounds, attracting new love, manifesting abundance, purging dysfunctional beliefs, healing depression etc. I am also offering an Online Ritual in which I write up the Ingredient list and Ritual Instructions and email directly to you allowing you to forage your own supplies. 

A priority of mine and desire was for these boxes to be different and unique then the other Lifestyle boxes or FabFun Boxes. Any product/service we create is first desired and inspired by what we love, what works for us, what is highest in vibration, gentlest on Mother Earth, and what we use in our day to day life! With my Rituals & Self Care Boxes you will not only heal, connect, restore but I am utilizing all the knowledge I've accumulated from my healing journey, advanced training, and intuitive wisdom to also provide you with knowledge on self care, prana, chakras, meridians, yin/yang, the auric field, nadis, mind-body connection, crystals, oils, reiki, past lives, earth's magnetic pulse, natures bounty, the bodies innate ability to heal itself, intuition development, etc. As I know my life's purpose is to share my experiences and teach this extremely important information we don't learn in non-formal education the other 50% of us vital to our health and wellbeing. 

My Mother-in-Law Andrea  has joined our Accepting the Divine Tribe as an investor, healer(services will be announced  soon), alchemist, and crazy amazing seamstress. She is in the midst of creating all of our new Prana Pillows for the Expo this weekend in which you can come check out our booth, meet us, invest in products, book mini healing sessions, and ask any questions. The Prana Pillows will have different uses, crystals, herbs, plants, etc associated with it's intention examples, opening the third eye, past life healing, healing the healer, DNA activation, weight loss, new beginnings, abundance, self-love, romance, fertility, menstruation, heartbreak, menopause, insomnia, depression, healing past wounds, creativity etc.  I awoke suddenly from my sleep one evening with the downloaded information and insight to create healing pillows charged with reiki(universal life force), filled with crystals, plants, and essential oils specifically for each individual Chakra (energy center). Allowing both the individual or practitioner to conveniently use for their self care and in sessions. 

As a Conscious Living Teacher & Healer I use a lot of stones and plant medicine, in both my sessions and my own daily self care. The stones would fall off of the body when a client shifted or moved their position and trying to lay stones on your own body Crown to Root without having a yard sale of stones everywhere takes grace and ease. I was so excited I messaged Andrea bright & early the next morning(maybe a little to early lol) and she loved the idea. We will also be offering body scrubs, shower teas, bath teas, healing potions, chakra crystal soap bars, guided meditations, manuals, yin blankets, yoga bags, chakra pillows, and eye pillows with many more ideas evolving into physically manifestation.

 As for the new and shifts in services my husband Johny will be doing majority of the healing sessions which we are evolving towards Online Sessions to teach just how powerful and beneficial they are, and to better manage our time and energy; Emotion Code, Bodytalk, Reiki, Card Readings, Past Life Regression. I will join him when specifically requested and for Twin Flame Soul Healing Sessions. Where you'll find me Stacey is teaching our Yoga Classes, Spiritual Mentoring, Life Coaching, Leading Workshops/Retreats, Teaching Reiki Trainings, Creating Conscious Products & Boxes, and Channeling w/Coco(keep reading this will make sense lol).  

Our new service we are offering is  Mediumship/Channeling/Living Portal. Introducing Coco as she steps into her power, begins to share her legit out of this world gifts, and comes out of the metaphysical closet. No lie, she will blow your mind as she connects you directly to your departed loved ones, guides, messengers etc. Her soul steps to the side and you speak directly to the soul you wish to as they consume her physical body...yes I said out of this world you must experience to truly understand the magnitude of what Coco can do for you and your life. We came into COCO's gifts during a practice mediumship session I was taking her through back in June 2016. It's taken us this time to process the magnitude of her gifts/our gifts and the information/guidance/ we received that day before coming out of the closet. To read Coco's journey and learn more about her offerings visit our TRIBE & OFFERINGS Page on our official website (i'm still in progress of updating and adding all the products to the Online Store but a lot of changes have been made thus far) www.acceptingthedivine.com

Coco & I will be offering Private Channeling/Mediumship Sessions from May 24th - May 29th/2017 at our business location, Accepting the Divine in Estevan, SK. There will be limited space available and I strongly encourage if any part of you feels drawn to this experience listen to that voice. Coco only offers Distance Sessions so this is the opportunity to meet her while she shares her gifts! This is like no other medium or channel that exists in our planet right now. You do not just speak to Coco you speak directly to your loved one, guide, and soul. To learn more/book a session contact  acceptingthedivine@outlook.com

I am so excited about this next level and new venture we are headed through. We as a Team/Tribe aspire to inspire others to realize their greatest potential, to understand there is more to this life, to live more consciously allowing more compassion, connection, and nurturing of self to ripple this effect onto others, Mother Earth, and all her habitants creating a much gentler, aware, authentic, and mindful experience on this plane. Even as healers we are always growing, evolving, learning, expanding our knowledge, accessing higher levels of divine wisdom and must allow ourselves to do so. From this we are to share the wisdom we accumulated from our experiences with others and live our purpose. So if you haven't been to myself(Stacey) for a while I've learned so much over the last year it's been intense. I've had my whole world flipped upside right. As I said the last years been intense, enlightening, and magical but not just for me for our Team/Tribe and we are ready to share the wisdom, healing, and knowledge from our recent going throughs and I can guide you to the service and Tribe member best suited for you.

Woofta long winded had a lot to catch up on! Thank you for tuning in and for your support in cultivating a gentler more compassionate, awakened world,

Namastacey xoxo 

Why Healers Charge?

For all the healers & those who wonder why we charge what we do 😘❤️🙏

Healing is FULLTIME even when we aren't in sessions everywhere we go our bodies are absorbing everyone and everything's lower vibrations that's our purpose whether we are conscious of this or not, whether we like it or not, whether we believe in it or not this is constantly happening to a lightworker, healer, earthangel, empath, indigo, medium, living portal, channel, intuitive, oracle.

And guess what you might be one of these high vibrational souls and have no idea, for you chose to forget. We can shield, wear crystals, use oils those conscious and willing to honor their power and gifts but the harsher vibrations can still penetrate through. 
We have to spend time taking care of our vessel extensively to keep ourselves clear, healthy, and functioning at our optimal intelligence so that A. We can heal B. We do not get severely sick. I not aware & awakened to my healing gifts FELL very sick just a few years ago as some know..and WHY? Because I didn't know I was or how to take care of my sensitive vibration that is working 24/7 cleaning up Mother Earth, other humans, and that of my own lower vibes.

Everything is energy and balance must be created and allowed on all levels of this plane. As @alxmrchenergy goes on to explain in a previous post I saw on her instagram with a video, we heal the imbalances in your system prior to them arising on a physical level in need of doctors or medical attention. Healers can also reverse severe suffering that doctors can not see or feel. I am living proof of this. Healers deserve far more respect than our society tends to give and can even comprehend as we've become desensitized, numb, ego driven, and as my guides like to say you humans are soooooo DUMB lol :)

And truth we are, we forget everything a condition set prior to coming to Earth, we healers are here to help you remember who you are, reveal the memory banks stored within you, assist your healing of past wounds & negative karma, and give you the guidance to set your true self FREE.

Namastacey (~*~)

Virgo Full Moon

Energy Forecast🌚✨

Virgo is a master planner, detail oriented, cleanser, deep thinker and if manifested from our egoic mind self critical, over analyzing, and a huge perfectionist. Earthly Virgo is calling for us to sweep our sacred spaces clean and channel our fierce inner goddess/warrior. It's time to soar as you let go of old layers weighing you down! This speaks to all areas of our lives, from our bodies to our homes and our relationships.

This is the time to commit to what you need on a genuine level and pull your focus on to your health routines, shining light to areas which fuel our bodies, minds and spirits. Creating a plan to move forward with healthy routines that nourish and support us as we shed what no longer worked, Self Care. Not just for your physical body but our energy bodies as well if this isn't something you're educated on, the light workers, empaths, indigos, earth angels this is your time to step into your powers and fully understand what this means.

The sensitive souls, shape shifters, re-creating our society that have not yet realized, honored, and care for their gifts may suffer from aches, pains, anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia, night-sweats, nightmares, disconnect, lack-luster, overwhelming emotions, exhaustion, alienation, health conditions etc. No need to fear as this is our body speaking to us in the only language it can and if we begin to listen deeply we will hear the changes requested. The body speaks with its gentle call or loud roar of what you're doing in one or more areas of your life that is not align with your purpose, hearts desires, integrity, and soul-led self. 
Begin to develop mind-body awareness, intuition, and connection to your authentic self to loudly and clearly receive these messages.

"The March Full Moon is traditionally called the Sap Moon, and its message is that no matter how blocked or frozen things may seem, the time has come for them to release and flow forward." -Rebelle Society

Unleash your inner goddess/warrior so you can heal, repair, nourish and reflect in whatever way you need to during this a Virgo Full Moon. I will be posting a Full Moon Bath Ritual posted to both our Facebook Page Accepting the Divine and my instagram @nama.stacey and a Guided Meditation to our Online Store acceptingthedivine.com to assist your Self Healing follow our Facebook Page. If you've never done a Moon Ritual and feel drawn too I encourage and support you stepping into this power as I lead you through a step by step guided Sacred Full Moon Meditation & Bath Ritual 🌚

Combine the two and you'll be flowing in the lunar Virgo bliss ✨

Namastacey (~*~)

Spoonful of Stacey - A Shifted Perception my Journey through Anxiety & Depression

Over the course of the last two years I've shared multiple posts and blogs speaking out about the depression, anxiety, illnesses and diagnoses I have endured throughout my journey. I was hesitant yesterday to post as I read several others share their stories. I don't want to step on any toes or offend anyone with my truth. I vowed to my higher-self and guides that I would come out of my closet and speak those truths and in hopes to relate, inspire, or bring light to a different perception. I heard their gentle calling all day and very loudly this morning. My purpose is to create an opportunity for others to explore a different perception of their own journey that may bring about a deeper level of understanding within their own suffering.

What I've learned from experiencing living from two very different perceptions allows me to very much understand how we suffer. Up until age 25 I lived a life filled with fear, judgement of self and others, a constant worry of what others think of me, and all around a relentless people pleaser. Living life from this perception brought on intense anxiety, constant worry, and a dark depression I masked from others.

We moved around a lot as young children experiencing being the new kid several times at schools. I can still remember the crippling fear that would consume me from joining a new bundle of kids, trying to fit in and make friends. I've always been the black-sheep or I'll refer to now the unicorn of the family never quite fitting in at home or relating to siblings and cousins. I felt like an outsider, had different interest, and spent a lot of time in my daydream land a place I felt safe and secure.

Even as a young child I wanted to fit in, I strived for acceptance I didn't feel I received at home so I sought to seek approval wherever I could. This trickled on into my teenage years starting high-school never stepping out from the status quo; dressing, talking, acting just as the "popular" girls did to try and again fit in. Here are a few memories I am being guided to share as they pop into my consciousness while I write; I remember so badly wanting to be car pooled as our Mom made us walk everywhere and we only lived 4-6 blocks from the school so why wouldn't we. But fear of being made fun of pushed me to do anything to find that acceptance. We didn't have money growing up and once settled into our more permanent home, low income rentals, I knew this too would contribute to my being the "butt" of many jokes.

So I worked two-three jobs to make money to dress in name brand clothes, pay for carpooling, and support my new found love for partying. Enter alcohol, when the party stage began I felt the liquid courage and how all my worries and fears were numbed. I could socialize without feeling so anxious and gave no fucks what I did or said, until the next morning. I would wake up heavy, sick, and crippled with anxiety... what did I say, what did I do, as the memories of the night flushed back into my awareness. This same cycle of partying and regret lasted for years.

As I approached my 19th birthday pissing away my year off inbetween high school and college completely depressed from a breakup and very harsh treatment from those whom I thought were my trusted friends(the people I tried so hard to fit in with). I figured it was time to prove my worth to everyone. My driving force, trying to impress my parents and peers fitting into society's definition of successful. The crippling anxiety, panic attacks, and depression I experienced prior to going to College affected me so deeply I couldn't get myself out of bed most days. I lied to everyone telling them I was going to school and seeking employment. But I wasn't, I would hide in my room and await the weekend where I could drink away all my anxieties and fears for the night only to experience the harshness of my own inner critic the very next day and that of others.

That's when I found my love for marijuana. I noticed how smoking the herb would bring about a "fuck it" attitude numbing these hangover blues and how it brought this sensation to other areas of my life as well. The end of my first college semester approached and with my absentees my grades were not high enough to continue on into the second semester. I lied to everyone and said I struggled with the material, a complete bold face lie as the me then would have preferred people to think I was challenged in school as opposed to trying to explain what I was feeling, but I didn't even know at the time what that was.

I suppressed my sadness and guilt with weed during the week and alcohol on the weekends. This type of behavior lasted into my early 20's. Attempting to work at jobs others would approve of, still trying to fit in amongst peers, and masking my pain with material possessions and partying. This is just a skim of the story with a few examples along the way to share my experience of perceiving life from a place of worry, judgement, and fear.

It was until I was 22-23ish living in Calgary experiencing another harsh break-up and dose of depression triggering my deep desire to truly love myself, step out my comfort zone, and become the greatest version of myself. This was the catalyst my higher-self needed permission and willingness to change. My body as some of you know began to reject everything, deteriorating from the inside out. Beginning the more severe stages of my failing health. As I set out to find the true me, I had to clear and cleanse all the lower vibrations I suppressed over the years that no longer resonated with my new intention. Completely unaware of our three part being mind, body, soul, the secret language of our body, our connection to higher-self, guides, Angels, and awareness of energy and my gifts this brought about a lot of confusion from myself and family as to what the hell was going on with me. My body trying to clean itself out by showing me what no longer serves me through aches and pains the language it knows but at that time I didn't have the understanding or knowledge of how this worked. I became the sick girl and was diagnosed with a plethora of illnesses; leaky gut syndrome, depression, anxiety, reactive arthritis, candida, fibromyalgia, calcification, and I accepted and took on the roll of each one allowing them to define me.

For this being a large reason why I was hesitant to write this post. Some, not all of us love our diagnosis, we become attached to our diseases. Claiming depression/anxiety makes a person feel comforted by a superficial answer (not the true root of their suffering) and/or the attention of a diagnosis. But from my own experiences with my diagnosis's this is how a person becomes trapped, victimizing them-self mentally.

An individual might not be aware of the power of their own words and how the negative connotation of their language ultimately feeds their problems. A person's attitude toward sickness either perpetuates its existence or diminishes its stronghold. Likewise it's easy to make excuses for staying ill by the way one craves sympathy. When it comes time to make the necessary changes to better personal health, one may mentally settle for what they've grown accustomed to. Just like I experienced when I took on the sick girl roll hard. Engaging in behavioral patterns of self loathing only allowing a condition to persist and/or truly not understanding the root of their illnesses existences manifesting in our mind-body due to lack of deeper understanding and emotional intelligence.

How I've learned and experienced starting the healing process is to declaim illness and disassociate with the attention it gives. As an individual I mentally trained myself to charter a new course utilizing a new set of sails that values inner strength. As I shifted into this perception I started rowing to new shorelines, this allowed me to strip myself of the victim mentality that had perpetuated my sickness and depression for so long gaining new information and awareness of how I unconsciously created it all. The root of our suffering stems from all three parts of us being imbalanced and not in harmony. Anxiety and depression we very much feel as a physical experience your body responds with increased adrenaline, rapid heart beat, gut twisting, shallow breathing and increased blood pressure. It’s getting ready to run or fight. Blood is pumped to your arms for fighting and legs for running. Just like the body can trigger those terrifying feelings, so can your soul. Maybe it’s a traumatic memory or a painful parental wound, the soul can initiate those experiences with fear. Understanding the spiritual side of illness/disease, studying energy, and exploring the suppressed traumas changed everything for me. I believe it’s what gave me the edge to find true, complete freedom. Sadly, I believe it’s where most people fall short. The more I began to understand the truth, a shift in my perception, the more freedom I began to experience.

My younger years of striving for acceptance and not being aware of my spiritual gifts led me to creating a mask I presented to the world, the ‘outside’ me that I showed people before they truly got to know me. In most social situations, especially when we are not a hundred percent comfortable, we are projecting our ‘masks’ for protection. Of course, this need for protection is usually subconscious and is there to make us feel comfortable about interacting with certain individuals and ultimately, being seen. This mask usually allows us to present the way we wish to be seen, either as funny, smart, dumb, successful etc. Everyone has a mask and if you find yourself constantly needing to wear it, it’s no surprise that you are going to start feeling anxious. No matter what level of social anxiety occurs for you, it usually stems from the same place- fear of seeing and honoring a part of yourself. For myself, and for many mediums, healers, oracles, this can also be spirit anxiety. All humans have access to this gifts some greater then others for this is their journey and whether you fear them, block them, or don't understand them they are apart of you. It can lead many who are actually suffering from this form of anxiety to see this as a psychological disorder, and not part of a greater gift.

I speak from both perceptions because I've lived them. I share my experiences because I healed and want so badly for others to experience this within their own lives. I hope this reaches you all well regardless where you are on your journey. Thank you to those who shared their stories, I know how frightening those first steps can be. I hope we can all see the beauty how others stories are so similar to our own, for we are a collective consciousness in which all gathered knowledge is available. I come from a place of love and acceptance and offer you a prayer/affirmation, for your suffering,

"Help me understand the importance of all three areas — body, mind and spirit. Teach me to put all my trust in my higher-self acting upon it's guidance, and help me to know the truth so that I can walk in freedom."

Namastacey xoxo

Moon Ritual - Manifesting and Purging

Moon Ritual - Manifesting and Purging

Have you had the urge to switch jobs, try yoga, start painting, leave an unhealthy situation, gain a deeper understanding of who you are, discover your life's purpose, move, start a new project etc. These desires/urges are what we call divine guidance(intuition) from the heart's intelligence of what will bring you true happiness, peace, and joy. With the cycles of the moon we are given the opportunity to plant seeds of intention into what we would like to manifest into our lives while simultaneously releasing what is no longer needed to make space for the new. The moons will compel us with different energies dependent on their zodiac sign, moon phase, so you can set specific intentions at a new moon, based on the energies of that zodiac sign, and watch them unfold in the coming half-year. 

I love planting seeds and keeping track of my manifesting's as I watch them take root into my life. Regardless if it is a new moon or full moon that we are experiencing I am always very careful of my thoughts and where they stream too, keeping them optimistic as I know I am creating my future. Moon rituals, manifesting and purging specifically are apart of my self-care and a very powerful ritual to begin co-creating a conscious lifestyle living from your highest potential.  

Moon Cycles

New moon—set the intention & get to work.
The new moon gives way to that first sliver of light as the shadow moves and the moon reveals herself—or “waxes,” as it’s called.

Full Moon - reap results or make decisions.
Two weeks later, we have the complete illumination of the full moon, which can reveal what was in the dark. Your next moves will show themselves now.

Finish what you started for two weeks after the full moon.
After the full moon, la luna “wanes” or recedes into shadows for two weeks, a good time to deal with what came up at the full moon, wrap up loose ends, and prepare to start something new at the next new moon

Manifesting Ritual - Step by Step

Write on the top of a piece of paper, 'What without any preferences, limitations, excuses, does my heart truly desire? Observe w/o judgement, criticism, self-doubt over what comes up through thoughts, ideas, visions, instant knowings.

Write on a piece of paper "Noticing" Followed by the answers you received. Example:


  • Abundance of resources money, time, help, ideas, inspiration to aid me in creating a better world.
  • Like-minded connections with people that grow, connect, and support one another.
  • Healing with all my relationships towards those who've harmed me and vice-versa.

Place this paper on your window sill with the intention(most important), "To attract these things or something greater into my life drawing in the moon energy to support my manifestations." You may physically write this at the bottom of your paper. Welcome to add any crystals to amplify this energy remember all you need is intention! I'll be using Clear Quartz to intensify the energy as it absorbs the powerful lunar vibes.

You have now worked with the law of attraction and manifesting, two beautiful tools in life that have allowed me to attract my twin flame, clientele, heal relationships, receive material resources, practice trust/patience, grow my business, and meet my soul family just to name a few.

Purging Ritual - Step by Step

Notice where there is struggles in your life, a repetition of the same lesson (why does this keep happening to me?), a situation that has become unbearable/uncomfortable. These areas of you're life are becoming highlighted for you to consciously make a healthy change towards the greatest and most extraordinaire version of yourself and journey. When we don't align ourselves with our higher self, we attract harsher and less desirable experiences & lessons into our life. This journey wasn't meant to be a constant uphill battle, we make it that way by ignoring consciously or unconsciously the true calling of our soul, our heart's desire. Whether this be because of fear or ignorance to this type of education one can truly begin to experience and create a life they always dreamt of; trusting completely that if it is for their highest good and all involved, what's needed will be provided without a constant struggle, massive effort, and plethora of challenging trials.

Ask for the Moon to aid you in releasing what's no longer serving you and/or for assistance in releasing; habits, dysfunction beliefs, addictions, relationships, jobs that you've been struggling to let go of. Example:

Write on a separate piece of paper, 'I give permission for my higher power to intervene, please assist me in releasing what's no longer needed as I move forward honoring my highest-self.' Observe what comes up as thoughts, ideas, feelings, instant knowings. Example:

  • Unhealthy cravings for food/drugs/alcohol.
  • Procrastination tendencies.
  • Resentment towards those who've harmed me.

The list can be as long as you need it. Once completed step outside with your paper and a match. Take a few deep breaths into your heart. Call in the Moon energy to assist you as you read out-loud your list. Then light fire to that paper as you ceremoniously give up control of that which you no longer know how to handle. You may experience a rush of emotion, a lightness, or nothing at all. Whenever you find yourself worrying or giving any energy to your already burnt purges, remind self you've given it up to a higher power, allow universe to handle the details, and trust.

For a Moon Cycle card reading or further guidance on discovering your life's purpose email Stacey.Fichter@hotmail.com

Love, Light, & Peace,

Namastacey (~*~)

Spoonful of Self Care - New Year, New You Resolution Journal Exercise

Spoonful of Self Care - New Year, New You Resolution Journal Exercise

The mind is the questioner and the heart is the answerer. The heart, our soul's chamber, is the connection to our higher self. It provides us with insight into what we can bring into or remove from our life that will provide us a path with balance, gentleness, and intelligent ways to ultimately create and experience your highest potential and most extraordinaire journey. It's that feeling to get outside more, to try something out of your comfort zone(you secretly always wanted to do), to leave that unhealthy relationship(even if it scares the shit out of you), to change careers that align with your deepest passion(letting go of fear of lack of money or judgement from others), to drink more water, to rest, to forgive(regardless if you received an apology).

What will prevent us from acting upon this divine intelligence is our learned information from social conditioning's a reaction of the egoic-mind the part of us which can be controlling, fearful, worry-some, and judgmental reacting from previous experiences others shared with us and that of our own. Have you ever noticed how you can expect or assume the absolute worst about a situation and after the scenario say to self, "Well, that wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be," took on an idea of a person or place based off someone else's experience, and/or stopped yourself from trying something new out of fear of failing, or worrying what others will think?

I can answer yes to all of them. I've been that girl to not speak up because well they aren't going to hear me anyways, refrained from standing up for myself out of fear of their reaction, crippled myself with worry and fear over a situation only to realize later...that wasn't so bad, assumed how others are thinking about me because I'd been hurt in the past, took on an idea about someone who I never took the time to get to know, judged others from their past actions, held grudges...be damned if I validate their actions with forgiveness. What resulted from living out of this place of learned information was a very insecure, anxiety-ridden, reactive, lacking in a deeper level of understanding, and very lost version of myself. After living from this space for years it eventually took it's toll; leaky gut syndrome, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, calcification on my back, reactive arthritis, insomnia, trust issues, and at my lowest of lows standing in my kitchen holding a knife toward my heart looking my Mother square in the eye telling her I wanted to end it all. Point, I've been there trapped in the fear hamster wheel.

This part of our mind should be reserved for life or death situations but it has flowed over into areas of our life less beneficial, stunting our growth, contributing to illness, anxiety, and depression etc. I use to stop myself from speaking my truth, standing my ground, trying things I've always wanted to because in the past I got hurt, judged, or 'failed'. I took my past experiences and expected or assumed anything triggering that learned information and initial heartbreak would result with similar feelings.

This is the training I speak of, we are reacting from the egoic-mind. It is here to protect us and certainly deserves it's gratitude for doing so. This is not a, "Fuck the ego blog" quite the contrary actually it is a retraining of the ego. An integration of the egoic-mind with our soul's chamber the heart, a connection between mind-body. When the egoic-mind is in the driver seat we tend to think the best way to our destination is straight from point a to b, cut and dry but what we are missing out on is the soul's journey and a myriad of opportunities to grow and connect. We block ourselves by thinking or wanting something or someone has to be a certain way, closing the doors to all the other options that can bring about beautiful blessings and lessons. Additionally, we create our own struggles, aches, pains, illnesses, anxiety, depression and settle for a life that is not of our highest potential or of the most extraordinaire.

With Christmas and the New Year approaching we receive and exchange presents and some begin to set resolutions. As a present to yourself I invite you to join me in allowing your heart to take the drivers seat, to set a resolution to try new things you normally wouldn't out of fear, to practice forgiveness for yourself and those who've harmed you intentionally and non-intentionally through thought, word, and deed, and to listen to the guidance from your higher self acting upon it.

Journal Exercise: 
Write at the top of a sheet of paper, What should I be conscious of that will bring me the gentlest and most amazing New Year?

•Find a comfortable seat
•Soften and close your eyes
•Place hands left over right on heart
•Take a few deep, slow belly breaths
•Ask yourself the written question

Write down any instant knowings, feelings, thoughts, ideas that come to you. Warning the trained egoic-mind will quickly jump in...you're making this up, you could never do that, that's a coincidence, this is stupid....notice it's attempts to 'protect you' and keep you in your comfort zones but simply state, "Thank you for helping me thus far in my life, but I am giving the drivers seat to the more intelligent and intuitive guidance of my heart for this is my best friend, my helper, my teacher, my higher self." Retraining will take our willingness to do so, patience, compassion and practice for we've allowed it to rule the roost for quite sometime, but if you can at all relate to some of what I went through and suffer the same from allowing ourselves to live from this head space I promise you my whole life has changed when I became conscious of and switched who was the driving force behind it.

I wish each and everyone of you freedom, gentleness, joy, and a year full happiness,

Namastacey (~*~)

Spoonful of Self Care - Positive Vibes

Spoonful of Self Care - Positive Vibes ✨

"I'm sure most would agree that when we are feeling amazing, experiencing those 'good vibes' all of life's challenges and trials appear less dark and everything seems to fall into place. Those good vibes we are experiencing are the result of a higher frequency or vibrational rate. We often talk about places and people exuding ‘good energy’ or ‘bad energy’ – when we really mean the energy is high or low. In scientific terms, describing energy as high or low is actually describing the rate of vibration or frequency.

The higher a ‘vibration’ of a person or place, the better we feel. And the higher the vibration of our homes, the better we feel in them. With Reiki (universal life force) we are taking the vibrational rate and raising it higher. Therefore, cultivating that good vibing feeling with anything & everything we are sending the healing energy to! Whether it be our food, medication, goals, past events, future events, vehicles, body, mind, loved ones, homes, trips, aches/pains, illness, dysfunctional beliefs, old habits, fears, phobias etc. Everything is energy and energy can be transmuted, cleared, heightened, lowered, and released dependent on how we respond and react to it in our lives.

We offer private and group Reiki Level I, II, III Training's at our home business. Additionally, I've been considering teaching Reiki through distance, as I want to spread this love to the people of this planet regardless of where you live. We love sharing the magic of healing, igniting the light in each and everyone who comes to our space. We encourage all that you truly have the ability to heal as humans are natural born healers. Whenever you place your hands or send a prayer with the intention of helping or loving someone you are sending them Reiki(life force). By studying Reiki you gain a deeper understanding of life, the energetic system, your purpose, heal and cleanse all issues stuck in cellular memory, change your body's vibration and dna as your body is attuned to high vibrational symbols which ignite the healing and driving force in your mind, body, and soul."

-Stacey Fichter

"Although it is a wonderful experience to receive Reiki from someone else, a friend or a professional, there are many reasons to consider learning to practice Reiki on yourself. The convenience of self-care is valued not only by people with health challenges, but also by others with busy schedules who are seeking more balance in their lives. Daily Reiki self-care provides an opportunity to restore balance, reduce stress, and reconnect with an experience of wellness. Additionally, moments of Reiki practice throughout the day can bring centering and relief from pain, anxiety, and stress as often as needed. People suffering from anxiety or pain who learn Reiki self-care have the additional empowerment of knowing they are never again alone and helpless with their suffering." - Sourced from: http://www.takingcharge.csh.umn.edu/explore-healing-practices/reiki/can-i-learn-reiki-myself

Our next group training for Reiki Level I Certification is December 4th from 2-6pm visit event Reiki Level I Certification We have a few spaces available! And fear not if you're uncomfortable with groups, feeling insecure and anxious you're just experiencing an energy shift and will learn all about how to manage this by understanding energy! Additionally, you also have the option to create your own training with loved ones or a solo mission <3

Contact: Acceptingthedivine@outlook.com for registration or with any questions they are welcomed and encouraged!


Namastacey xoxo

Spoonful of Stacey - Third Eye Smooching

The Mind's Eye Smooch

How to reset your partner, child, loved one <3 

Do you similar to me love a good smooch smack dab between your eyebrows!? Do you experience a certain euphoria when you receive that sweet “peck” on the forehead or a tingling in your body like positive static surging through or just an overall mmmmh feeling of compassion, endearment, safety and love? Here's a little insight into why :)

What you have received is an indirect awakening of the pineal gland which produces melatonin, the hormone that brings on a peaceful relaxation and promotes a good night's sleep which in turn activates the third eye or mind's eye chakra. As well as a stimulation of the pituitary gland in the brain that controls growth, function, and inner wisdom which in turn activates the crown chakra.

When you bend down and place that special loving smooch on your children(s) or loved one(s) forehead it results in a wonderful feeling of comfort, safety, security, and peace it is a practice we do on a daily basis for several reasons; after a long day of errands/work/etc, after an intense conversation, an expression of union, a mini reset for our challenged loved one, to promote a calmness in a overactive mind.... Truly, you are limited by your imagination. The intention you place into your smooch will be sent directly to that of the receiver.

In this material world, seeing physically became more important than us seeing spiritually or intuitively. As our current awakening continues, we are now aware of the pineal gland, the 3rd eye chakra, the pituitary gland, the crown chakra and their importance in our optimal
health and balance of mind, body, and soul.

Namastacey xo

Spoonful of Self Care: Honor your Heart's intelligence:::New Moon Ritual

Spoonful of Self Care: Honor your Heart's intelligence:::New Moon Ritual ❤️🌚🙏

New Moon Manifesting, Purging, Intention Setting 

Present the question to self, 'What without any preferences, limitations, excuses, does my heart truly desire?'

Observe w/o judgement, criticism, self-doubt over what comes up. Write on a piece of paper,

"Noticing" ***Followed by your heart's urges/desires.



Abundance of resources money, time, help, ideas, inspiration to aid me in creating a better world.

Like-minded connections with people that grow, connect, and support one another.

Healing with all my relationships towards those who've harmed me and vice-versa.

Place this paper on your window sill with the intention(most important), "To attract these things or something greater in your life drawing in the new moon energy to support your manifestations." You may physically write this at the bottom of your paper. Welcome to add any crystals to amplify this energy remember all you need is intention! I'll be using Clear Quartz to intensify the energy as it absorbs the powerful lunar vibes.

You have now worked with the law of attraction and manifesting, two beautiful tools in life that have allowed me to attract my twin flame, clientele, heal relationships, receive material resources(money, time, typewriter, appliances), practice trust/patience, grow my business, and meet my soul family, just to name a few.

Have you had the urge to switch jobs, try yoga, start painting, leave an unhealthy situation, gain a deeper understanding of who you are, discover your life's purpose, move, start a new project etc. These desires/urges are what we call divine guidance(intuition) from the heart's intelligence of what will bring you true happiness, peace, and joy.

Notice where there is struggles in your life, a repetition of the same lesson( why does this keep happening to me? ), a situation that has become unbearable/uncomfortable. These areas of you're life are becoming highlighted for you to consciously make a healthy change towards the greatest and most extraordinaire version of yourself and journey. When we don't align ourselves with our heart, we begin to as my mom would say, "Float up shit creek without a paddle." We attract harsher and less desirable experiences/lessons in our life. This journey wasn't meant to be a constant uphill battle, we make it that way by ignoring consciously or unconsciously the true calling of our nature, our heart's desire. Whether this be because of fear or ignorance to this type of education one can truly begin to experience and create a life they always dreamt of; trusting completely that if it is for their highest good and all involved, what's needed will be provided without a constant struggle, massive effort, and plethora of challenging trials.

Ask for the New Moon to aid you in releasing what's no longer serving you and/or for assistance in releasing; habits, dysfunction beliefs, addictions, relationships, jobs that you've been struggling to let go of.


Write on a separate piece of paper, 'I give permission for my higher power to intervene, please assist me in releasing what's no longer needed as I move forward honoring my truest-self.'

Unhealthy cravings for food/drugs/alcohol.

Procrastination tendencies.

Resentment towards those who've harmed me.

The list can be as long as you need it. Once completed step outside with your paper and a match. Take a few deep breaths into your heart. Call in the New Moon energy to assist you as you read out-loud your list. Then light fire to that paper as you ceremoniously give up control of that which you no longer know how to handle. You may experience a rush of emotion, a lightness, or nothing at all. Whenever you find yourself worrying or giving any energy to your already burnt purges, remind self you've given it up to a higher power, allow universe to handle the details, and trust.

For a New Moon card reading or further guidance on discovering your life's purpose email Stacey.Fichter@hotmail.com

Love, Light, & Peace,

Namastacey (~*~)

Spoonful of stacey -angel, oracle, tarot cards

How to do your own angel, oracle, tarot card reading <3

Spoonful of Stacey - Angel, Oracle, Tarot Cards

I remember the first time I received a card reading... It was in my reality at that time slightly scary, a little voodooey, and I was certainly a skeptic going into it. I was living in Calgary going through a breakup up, out and about with a girlfriend trying to distract myself from my sorrows at a huge exhibition center. During the reading I straight up broke down, the cards that flipped upwards, and the readings that went along were a shock to my system. I was covered in goosebumps and left shaken up.

Did I listen to the cards obvious truths? No. With my social conditioning wrapping me in a fear based armor I later in the day chalked it up to a coincidence and forgetting the experience, ignoring the cards gentle but relevant guidance. Even after experiencing such sensations in my system provoking tears my harshly conditioned egoic-mind took over.

Fast forward to a few years later during the beginning stages of my light-workers awakening, transformation, during the reversal of my failing health one of my closest friends was contracted back home to work for a period of time. At this point I had studied energy, the universal laws, manifestation, law of attraction believing in them fully as I healed myself through alternative modalities what Western Health Care could not but was still not fully aware of who I truly was and what my purpose on this planet was. The judgement fell not on the readings but of myself thinking, "I could never do a reading on someone" but feeling so drawn to buy my own deck and explore further. My girlfriend making it look easy, not scary, and simply a beautiful way to become mindful or conscious of what to focus on, what's compelling us, what we might not being noticing or aware of... Etc. The readings I received once again dead on, relevant, and soul shaking.

They were a healing tool just like the other forms I had experienced this far on my journey; acupuncture, pemf therapy, yoga, reiki to name a few. All in which I received miraculous results from as I watched my health go from 0-100. I wasn't a complete skeptic to alternative methods but I was certainly conditioned to believe...you go to a Doctor, you get your prescription, you get better. But after years of not getting better, never finding the root issue, and slowly deteriorating, the final straw being age 25, hooked up to steroids in the hospital during Christmas with considerations of taking me to the states for immediate attention, I was willing to try anything. You can read furthermore of the beginnings of my health story here: http://www.daybreakmill.com/blog/staceys-story

I wasn't always a "spiritual" person growing up. Baptized and confirmed a Roman Catholic with very religious Grandparents but I had a block towards the word God and the definition it has now been given by so many organized religions. What resonated with me the most as I explored alternative methods was everything is energy. God in my reality is an energy, a higher vibration, frequency. Everything started to make sense, more sense than the mundane knowledge we receive in formal education. My life started to piece together like jigsaw puzzles. All of my trials and tribulations lead me to uncovering exactly who I was. Through an abusive relationship ending and failing health worsening I realize know this was my huge catalyst, as we call it my awakening that began my "spiritual" journey.

I purchased my first Angel Deck. Self-doubt trickled in as I lacked the ability to shuffle correctly and lacked trust in my own ability to receive messages. The deck was super informative coming with it's own description of what each card was trying to convey. I played around with it on myself having my mind-blown daily at the accuracy of what I pulled. But it wasn't until my Yoga teacher / Reiki practitioner training in Mexico, November 2014 that I did my first readings on my fellow classmates. As their minds to were blown, this just gave me more validation in what I had learned this far.

I at one point owned close to 20 decks providing readings on my clientele, family, and friends giving them insights into their own individual journey's. They may have doubted reiki, feared cards, skeptics to the whole "spiritual" realm but once they experienced it they couldn't doubt the accuracy of the readings the cards provided. Giving readings was an amazing tool for me to practice my intuition, develop connection to my higher power, stay conscious and aware of what energies I'm working with but this wasn't enough. I didn't see the benefit of keeping this amazing life tool just for myself. I wanted to teach others how to do their own readings. To take away any fear or doubt similar to what I experienced.

This has now transferred over into all areas of my life. As a spiritual teacher and Reiki master it is in our code of conduct to not lord information over any other. This is why I offer Spiritual Mentorship for those going through their own awakening. Teaching them all I have learned so that we collectively can continue to help, heal, and awaken others to their truths. I had people along the way through law of attraction coming into guide me on my journey and felt the calling it was my time to share the intelligence and wisdom I had received/remembered.

So my sisters and brothers grab a deck, take a breath, open your mind and heart to follow along below on my instructive video of how to do your own reading. <3@@wwww   kkVisii

Visit my facebook page @Staceyfichter / @acceptingthedivine to view the video <3

Namastacey (~*~)

Spoonful of Stacey - Lessons, Blessings, & Birthdays

Bday weekend complete! We had an adventurous time frolicking around Moose Jaw, running into so many conscious & awakened souls:::whether they were a store owner, server at a restaurant, or a beautiful babe sitting next to us at the coffee shop ---their was no uncomfortable, forced small chat. Conversations went real and deep right off the bat. It felt as though we were walking magnets attracting those who would benefit from our story and how we live consciously while simultaneously receiving such love, acceptance, & openness learning through their experiences. To look at every person I see or meet as my teacher was one of the many life enchanting lessons I accumulated while spending time under the teachings of, Mercy Ananda, a women I will forever adore, admire and aspire to emulate. I long for connections, sweetness, & kindness in a world where we can treat each other so nasty. In a world where you smile at someone and they quickly look away. In a world where you walk into a restaurant and have two girls glaring, starring, and whispering about you. That happened just last night. Johny and I had a bite to eat at Brown's Social House before departing from the city. A risk in itself as dining out can be quite the ordeal for both myself and the server. As well as being amongst that many people.....it's a lot of energy. My body will only take in the highest vibrational foods and it shows me in several ways when I haven't. I also act as a sponge for those amongst me absorbing and transmuting lower vibrations into higher frequencies (something that took me years to solve/understand). This can be draining/exhausting but now that I know how to tend to my sensitive and energetic self it's manageable. I just have to live a different lifestyle then most and it's one I've grown to love.

As we indulged the night prior I was already reacting. I woke up with rashes/blotchy skin all over my face, moody, and puffy under eyes all symptoms/signs my body gives me showing me what not to do. As I consciously made the decision to dip my seafood in butter, drink a glass of wine on my lovers bday, and smoother BBQ sauce all over some fried up wings seriously enjoying every second of it, I knew not to complain as this contributes to lower vibrations and the human pleasure far outweighed the pain... at the time. I felt a little down about the reaction (but in no way surprised) as we were to spend the day adventuring around and wanting to look my best for my boy. I chugged water, sent myself love/acceptance and owned my choice knowing if I went to down the victim, self loathing road I'd make it worse.

We were able to find an option at Brown's that was close to our regular way of eating with a few substitutions to cater (we make everything from scratch, and intuitively ask and listen to what our bodies are needing to function at their optimal intelligence). We snacked and chatted while I joked to Johny, "I should leave my number at the girls table". Now normally I wouldn't jump to conclusions but they made their stares and snickers quite obvious. Something I'm grown quite use too overtime and now later life putting myself out there in a different way; through my career(life's purpose), lifestyle, and the way I present myself. It was time to leave and after slamming a liter of water I visited the girl's room to release before the trip home. As I was leaving my stall when one of the snickering girls walked into the bathroom. I felt completely compelled to compliment her. They were both beautiful recognizably so, but through my experiences it tends to be an insecurity of us women to judge others we find beautiful, taking a hit at any minor trait. Is it so others won't find them as attractive? Is it because we don't find ourselves attractive?

As a girl who is still battling my own insecurities working through social conditioning I could answer yes to both. I've been apart of "the girls" taunting and casting judgement on others. This was years ago and I've since learned and awakened to the root of this existence, the ability to be so nasty/judgmental. It makes me quite sad now to experience this happening as I know it stems from lack of self worth and self love. There's no denying it in my reality and what I've learned. I walked right up to her and stated with complete honesty, "I love your glasses, they look so good on you". Her reaction was adorable startled at first with a endearing shy reply, "Oh, thank you". No tone of snootiness or pretentiousness. I could genuinely pick up she was surprised.

From the beginning of the whispers to the end compliment I witnessed myself grow. My initial insecurities, my high-school self triggered by their stares and whisper (not feeling the best about my appearance as I was reacting from the previous night) to hopefully being a positive example for babes supporting babes. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way. We don't need to tear others down to make ourselves feel better, we simply need to love and accept ourselves just as we are. Through this action we can begin to spread this same love and acceptance to others. It's one of the greatest presents you can give to yourself.

As we payed for the bill our server asked us what we were up to for the night. We explained we were visiting for the weekend and on our way home. She continued asking what we do, and we explained about our business 'Accepting the Divine' and her eyes lit up as she replied, "I love that, it's so different from everyone else". With big smiles and full belly's we thanked her and left. As we walked to the car we reminisced about all the little blessings and lessons we experienced over the last 48 hours laughing we should get out more. Grateful for the details minor and major the Universe presented to us. Grateful to collect memories with my twin flame. And grateful to have our pillow-top bed to comeback too! ;)

Shine your weird light so brighttttttt, & watch as you draw in experiences, people, opportunities that match your vibes, that teach you valuable lessons, and that bring you such blessings!


Spoonful Of Stacey - 2016 You've been fucking nuts <3

Spoonful of Stacey - 2016 You've been fucking nuts! 
October 20, 2016


Woofta! Anyone else feeling this years been quite the doozey!? So many energy shifts and cosmic combinations stirring up all of our super old, stale, suppressed emotions! It can feel like holy am I taking steps back? Am I stuck? I'm so fed up! Why does this keep happening to me? Fuck everybody! Sound familiar!?

I got so heavy it was all I could do just to put one foot in front of the other recently. Checking out energy forecasts help us understand why we are being compelled and what planetary combinations, powerful moon phases, and eclipses have been promoting within our being. Elizabeth PeruDoreen VirtueForever ConsciousThe Goddess Circle are a few I follow on facebook that help to keep me in the know. Trust me, makes me feel far less crazy with this awareness. It won't make the going throughs different but we can shift our perception of what's occurring in and around us with a deeper level of understanding and compassion. Shits shifting and quick! Whatever we are holding on to consciously or unconsciously that is anchoring us back into lower vibrations such as patterns, habits, beliefs, concepts, traumas that no longer serve us are bubbling to our surfaces. What we don't consciously and willingly transmute and release will start to reap havoc on every layer of our being. Your body might be trying to tell you already what's got to go through aches, pains, tension, struggles, uncomfortableness, moodiness, illnesses, etc. And with the huge cosmic shift what you don't willingly let go the universe will pull out from underneath you. It's your choice be flexible, adapt, and transform gently as you listen to the warnings or push against the current making life a lot harsher.

My body showed me loud and clear I was so irritable, tired, achey, my moon cycle was excruciatingly painful, had little patience, didn't want to heal anyone and I shut out the world! But it was needed my body was showing me once again the lack of self care and time I take for myself. An old pattern of mine rising to the surface once again so I could meditate on the root of all the going throughs existence. This lesson I've continually been given over the last year and I'm conscious of it. Conditioning and old patterns like to hold on strong, but I have finally reached my fed up point with myself! I'm the only one responsible for it. And all these crazy energy shifts have helped me to release stored events from my past contributing to my feelings of not being enough, having enough, doing enough. For example; I'll finish a list longer than my arm and still feel unsatisfied with my performance or how much was accomplished. Giving way more of my energy then I allow myself to receive, creating the imbalance within my systems. Therefore, resulting in irrational thinking, moodiness, sluggishness and basically a "fuck everyone and everything attitude" which is soooooo not the true me!

I had my twin flame Johny by my side, my amazing best friend Erica visiting during the last portion of the emotional release brought on by our universe. I felt "bad" for not being able to be the bubbly, spunky, firecracker my bfffff was use to. It had been almost two years since we've physically seen each other but our love, complete admiration and special bond have kept us as close as two peas in a pod, so grateful for that earth angel and the complete genuine friendship she has offered me. Years ago we would have spent the time shopping frivolously, partying, and frolicking about. So apart of me was concerned if she'd still have fun!

When I first started revealing parts of myself I wasn't even aware of were stored within, I had the transition period from my old self to new self and it was tricky! I still tried doing things that use to serve me and found myself in activities or amongst people that just did not resonate with me anymore. It was a confusing time but served it's purpose. I shed away parts of my self external and internal, creating space for the real me to shine through. And through this I've attracted my soul family, heart's desires, abundance, creativity, hobbies and talents I didn't even know I had! I swear it's so fucking cool! :))

I was excited to give Erica the opportunity to grow with me. As not all of our friends will, we all change and evolve on our own time. And some people come in for reasons, seasons or a lifetime to bring us lessons and blessings. We silly humans just hold on to the illusion of loss or attachment, everything is always creating, migrating, changing and learning how to go with this flow brings so much peace and harmony into ones life! So we spent our time together diving deep into the depths of our soul, practicing and learning reiki, cooking intuitive soul food, painting, creating crystal earrings, giving each other card readings, and with Johny included holding space for one another as we went through our individual releases. I slept a lot, a lot haha snuggled in-between my best friend and boyfriend. What a blessing and I thank my angels for providing me that comfort during such a heavy shift.

After a few weeks of holy how long is this going to last, I had a few huge cries, a couple fights, sleepless nights, tired days and then felt the shift! Today I woke up dancing! Twirling and swirling as a maneuvered my way to the kitchen for a dollop of coconut oil to pull and start my morning routine. I feel mentally clearer, physically lighter, and energetically balanced. So my fellow Earth Babes if you're still in it right now, the old, the heavy, wondering wtf is going on, I've got your back and you'll make it through! Take a little downtime for self and look at the parts of your life you are no longer "happy" with! Once you rid yourself of these older vibrations you'll feel much lighter and brighter. Shed that old skin, go in deep, connect you'll make space to soak up the heightened frequencies Mother Earth is now vibrating at! And spoiler alert..... it feels amazing!

Here's an energetical cyber hug to all of you and your going throughs. Just as the greats once said, "We're all in this together".

The teacher and light in me, honor and acknowledge the teacher and light in each and everyone of you,

Humps and kisses,

Namastacey xoxo

Spoonful of Stacey & Bowlful of Johny Rey


Spoonful of Stacey - Johny and Stacey a Glimpse into our Story


Bowlful of Johny Rey - Everyone has a Story Person 

As we know if 20 people go to a movie and are asked their experience it's highly likely you'll receive 20 different responses. We all have layers of conditioning and imprinted learned information. We all give words or experiences our own definition based off of our individual stories. For example raising your middle finger to someone. We have been conditioned to believe that means "fuck off" "fuck you" "You're driving like an asshole". The point, we have been conditioned to believe that is the definition. Not just a finger, or the number 1.  We as the receiver can chose to give any word or experience the definition we choose. As we've accumulated our individual life experiences the memories stored, suppressed, hidden within our cells, when one experiences movies, conversations, hears stories etc. there are tiny eruptions of stored learned information triggering at all times effecting our definition of what we are experiencing. This being just a simple way to explain how we've been conditioned by our social surroundings. 

So here is my story and shared below is a peek into where Johny Rey comes from and the opportunity to get to know his version of our story that lead up to him moving to Canada. He changed his whole life not just to be with me but to follow his soul's purpose to heal and enlighten others through his journey of self love and discovery. 

When Johny and I decided he would make the move from LA there was no way I could expect or assume how the adjustment would be. And to be honest with trust in our higher power and guides urging us to do so I still had my egoic doubts and a "prove it" attitude towards Johny, the relationship, and the move. I had several forms of validation from close spiritual beings, my own guides, and well known mediums. But I'm still human and the ego has been trained for years only knowing fear, fear of the unknown, fear of pain, fear of loss etc. I was at a place of contentment after months of feeling disconnected from leaving Canada, taking trainings, searching to fill a void that only a relationship with my higher self could fill. Moving forward with my business and on the next level of my journey of self discovery and essentially comfortable with the life I had created for myself. I was hesitant to welcoming anything in that would  again shake my shit up. As I know my actions in previous relationship I lose myself; put my dreams on the back burner, conform to please their ideal of a girlfriend, stop speaking my truth in fear of losing them, and make my other my priority. 

Our relationship leading up to this move could easily be called unconventional. We originally met when he was visiting his mom in Williston, ND. I went to train him for his Level I & II Reiki Certification. At this point we had FaceTimed, phonecalls, texted for about a month and what had started as a cool connection intrigued me. Triggered by his openness to spirituality, interest to learn more, crazy parallels between our lives, ambition within his passion, hearing his mom was also a healer, and let's be honest he was a complete babe; his style, music taste, fluent in Spanish, and love for fashion got me like woooo, who the fuck is this guy. I would create him if I could, little to either of our knowledge, we created each other but I'll save that story for another blog. If you know me I would say my type would be Jesus on wheels. As I creeped his Facebook profile I saw him sitting on his skateboard, dressed to impress, long brown curly hair, and Colombian kissed tattooed skin, did I stand a chance? Lol

I was in the middle of a huge shift in my life having just returned to Canada  after selling all my belongings in my attempt to take control of my life after burning myself out, running my system ragged all with the best intentions of simply wanting to help, teach, heal as many souls as I could. I was set out to fill a void that had been created from not allowing myself balance, a time to receive, stuck once again in the social conditioning; people pleasing, putting others first, and not listening to my higher self. I was trying to get back on track. Having spent the last two years leading up to our meeting reversing my failing health and on my journey of self discovery.  And since moving home from Calgary to seek medical attention and to flee my physical, emotional abusive relationship in 2013 I was at first fighting to live and then dove head first into a the new lifestyle my failing health led me too, having no time or interest in a relationship. I wasn't just going to let anyone in, they had to be special and everything in my mind, body, and soul was urging me to explore this person further. 

Our meeting was even puppeteer'd by the universe, his flight back to LA being cancelled for no reason to extend his time in ND as he was to leave the day I returned to Canada once again from the retreat I hosted in Nicaragua.  I planned to go there for a few days to train him and we were both interested in seeing what this over the phone connection would be like in person. Our meeting was nothing less then magical, he kissed me right away and normally I'd be like who the fuck do you think you are going near my sacred lips. But I wanted more. The second kiss ignited a kaleidoscope of colors spiraling through my mind's eye so intensely I shoved him away and yelped, "Whoa, kaleidoscope". He looked at me strangely and asked is that slang for something? Haha I went on to explain surely thinking to myself, "this guys going to think I'm nuts." I extended my stay and over the week as I taught him reiki, yoga, received long overdue cuddles, and up all night conversations. The attraction and level of comfort were unreal. I had amazing interactions and conversations with his mom who I instantly fell in love with and was even called out by his auntie. Once meeting her before she left she looked at me, and I mean stared right into my soul pierced my eyes looked at me. She gave me a hug goodbye and stated. "I know I'll see you again". I giggled it off thinking this boy lives in LA, I'm from Canada, but apart of me wanted to believe her. After she left I went on to tell Johny of the look she gave me once again thinking, oh man this boy's gotta think I'm nuts and within 15 minutes of sharing my experience he had received a text from her. Johny having been about a month out of a three year on/off relationship she stated, "See they come and they go, and then you meet one like her." Johny replied, "Oh, so you liked her." With a reply back, "What's not to like when you look into the eyes of an angel". Of course I gleamed at that response when he shared it with me. Our week of energy healing, cuddles, and conversations came to end and I set back to Canada and him to LA. Left with the feeling of what the fuck just happened!?! Lol

I called up my mentor at the time who is a medium to explore this connection further. He reminded me of the boy with big white teeth, curly thick hair, foreign in culture he had told about when I called him back in December when things started to turn shit during my move to Nicaragua. I had forgot all about it caught up in my perceived "failed attempt" to help my friend, travel the world, and balance out of my life. He went on to explain how most of the time he's explaining why relationships should be left, or avoided but in this special rare connection we were meant to be. A happily ever after, a twin flame connection. A soul split in two finally returning home to one another to grow with, transition with, learn from, and unconditionally love on another. We met to shake shit up in one another's life, to ascend us to our next level on our journey and soul's purpose. I felt that need to explain this to Johny, thinking holy fuck, now this dudes really going to think I've lost it but with a huge urge to do so I called him up in LA and explained. He rightfully so asked to speak to this medium to gain reassurance of this far out story. He felt me, he was with me for a week and experienced our connection and synchronicity but having had some manipulating relationships with females in the past and freshly single his guard went up. Him and his mom who was also enduring a shift in her life as well having put healing on the back burner after a situation with her father both received readings from this medium. After being wowed by the information he knew about them each individually we went on to essentially live our lives. Yes, we heard and to some extent believed but I was happy to put focus on reestablishing my company in Canada and reconnecting with my Higher self. As he sought out to conquer LA, build his skate company, and live up life as a newly single man. 

We never set out boundaries, titles, expectations as we met during periods of our life where a relationship was the last thing either of us expected or wanted to come into our reality. I was living the single life for two years, reversing my failing health, awakening to my truth, creating my business, and married to myself. Johny, fresh out of a three year relationship, newly entering the flashy life LA could offer him, and prioritizing a dream of becoming a pro skater while building and branding his company BLNT. Myself having been on my own spiritual journey of awakening to conscious living; more aware, open, and trusting in the divine order, soul's purpose, and the crazy synchronized events attempting to show us the truly powerful connection the two of us encompassed, wanted to hold space for Johny and allow him to go through what he felt he needed completely content in focusing on myself at first. 

As time went on we learned more about who we were as individuals, as twin flames, and our part in a larger mission to raise the collective consciousness of the human race. With him in LA doing god knows what and god knows who and my old patterns, and emotional traumas from previous relationships rising to the surface this started to become  challenging for me. I knew in my heart this person and I had the potential to be together but wasn't feeling some of his actions. I wanted a conscious man who understood life on a deeper level, was self aware/mindful, who had a desire to dive into their darkness and release what no longer served them. I questioned if Johny was this guy. As he feed his egoic side in LA, his actions truly not in alignment with my integrity. I saw him living two lives. The Johny I would experience warm, open, intelligent, intuitive, then the Johny he was showing to the world consumed by the achievement of being noticed, recognized by the show, and ignoring his connection to his spiritual self. I allowed the space he needed to grow with hope he would come to see and feel the potential we had. 

A few months ago we were being strongly and I mean getting yelled at by our guides through our dear friend who is a living portal for spirits to speak through on the physical plane that his move to Canada needed to happen for the highest good of all involved in this mission. We had decided he would come visit for a few weeks for both of us to feel out if this was going to be the next step on our journey. Guides or not we humans have free will and everything is our choice to make. We could walk away from this but Johny was told it would get messy and chaotic for him. As he was going about life in LA without the assistance of his guides as his lifestyle was for complete personal gain and he was ignoring the urge of his soul to live out his Lightworkers destiny. I on the other hand receiving validation from our guides that I was on my path, connected to my higher self, and fulfilling my purpose. Did apart of me hope, wish, dream for Johny to be with me, yes. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that but I didn't want him coming here disconnected. I knew we wouldn't vibe if so and wanted the decision to be his and not feel forced.  

He had yet to book his ticket and was being in my opinion distant, unsupportive and still feeding his egoic mind even after hearing this information. In my eyes this wasn't the person I wanted to welcome into my heart, my space, and my journey with it being a month away from the time he was meant to "move in" his actions, and lack their of totally turned me off. After eight months of holding space,  suppressing feelings/not speaking my truth, receiving validation that I was on my true path and that twin flame or not he had his free will and was abusing it, I was fed up. I mustered up the courage to call him out explaining I had come to some realizations. I explained how I got caught up in our twin flame connection and our soul's purpose. How I put helping him open up on the front burner and my own wants and needs on the back burner. That I did not want him to move here and at the point did not want him to visit either. I was calm but did not hold anything back. I explained how the way he was showing himself to the world did not resonate with me but also that I had unconditional love for him (which I truly did, I only ever want for anyone to simply be happy). And if this lifestyle was making him happy great live it, but that I needed to take a step back and pull my focus on myself and my individual journey. That essentially I was done trying to get him to open up to the intense knowledge and insight we were both receiving from our guides. 

Little to my knowledge he had recently gone through some holy shit moments that one could not chalk up to being coincidence (I will leave his story for him to share). Along with my complete shift of energy towards him resulted in lighting a fire to his social conditionings and shed light on the egoic lifestyle he was living while he fed his disconnected self in LA. Don't get me wrong I had a lot of compassion as he was being asked to change his whole life and surrender his dream of skating pro. But reminded him that I had gone through similar as well that through  experiencing loss of what no longer serves allows space for one to live in their truth. Both our social conditionings playing their role in installing fear of the unknown. We were being told, guided by spiritual beings to make this shift at times thinking we were going crazy and being called that by others, doubted, judged. We had to stop not believing and after experiencing such magic in our lives both together and apart we deep down knew all we could and needed to do was trust.  I arriving at a place of contentment with whatever happens, happens agreed to allowing him to visit so that we could see if our energies would click just as they had during our initial meeting. We had spent sometime together after the initial meeting when I visited him in LA on my way back and forth to Mexico for training's and it was not enjoyable. His energy was so low and he quite frankly made me sick. Thinking to myself where the fuck was the Johny Rey I initially met in ND, he was lost.  Little to my knowledge as he was practiced in telling a female exactly what they would like to hear and not his truth, he was trying everything in his power not to like me, as this was an inconvenient time for such a connection as his ego enjoyed the flashy look at me lifestyle in LA.  I being a complete mirror for everything he was trying to suppress, his spiritual side, in order to do so. We both wanted to test the waters. 

The visit was nothing less than amazing. With the day's flowing fluidly, the warm family visits, and feeling of home when we were together. There was no way Johny had stated that he could walk away from this now and continue his life in LA. I felt the shift in him but still carried a "prove it" attitude. My attempt to protect my myself, closing off my heart. I not fully aware of the suppressed emotions I had built up over the first eight months of knowing each other. In my conscious mind I was just be trusting of the process and holding space for him. But actually what I was doing was blocking my voice, not allowing myself to feel the emotions triggered by our unconventional relationship (as I chalked them up to being reactions of my egoic mind), and contributed to resenting him. Hence the "prove it" attitude. For truly he had nothing to prove, if I trusted in my higher self and everything to happen in divine order what ever was to come of our moving in and what happened prior was exactly what was needed.

Allowing a whole other being into my space has had its challenges. As I struggle to maintain balance within my life, a constant practice for most. Making my self care a priority and remembering to put myself first, as I've learned my cup must be full in order to help others. As well as establishing our roles in our business, maintaining our individual businesses, creating daily routines for ourselves, taking alone time, continuing to honor our unique desires/pleasures, working through our blocks within the relationship triggered by the last eight months, previous relationship blocks, getting to know each other, falling in love and practicing a conscious interdependent relationship. Everyday I wake up and look over I'm grateful for having him here, for the growth our special connection has brought, and for our likeminded mission to inspire others to live consciously as well. As we continue to find balance in our new journey together we spent the morning doing our self care to honor our Mother and Father nurturing energies, then honored our inner children exploring the rocks and caves in Roche Percee, expressing our creative sides as we snapped pictures/videos, followed by a mini retreat we hosted "Journey into Meditation and Yin Yoga" at or home business fulfilling our Matriarch and Patriarch teacher/mentor energies. 

We have chosen to share our journey, our stories, our lessons as we have been divinely guided to do so in hopes to inspire others that through conscious living, awareness, acceptance, trust in a connection to self, one can create the life they have always dreamt of and attract their soul family. That it's not always going to be sunshine and rainbows, or how we think or want it to be, but it will be exactly what's needed.

Namastacey (~*~) 

Rey Blnt
September 19 at 3:30pm · 

So as some of you might have heard I recently completely changed my life around. It was a surprise to almost everyone because exteriorly it seemed I was where I had always wanted to be, skating in LA, living on Hollywood blvd, whipping around on a motorcycle, building my company, surrounded by loyal friends and loved ones, doing extra work on movie sets, making a nice living with a fun job (insert more exterior fulfilling endeavors). To most people they would think I was crazy to leave, in fact I'm sure a ton of people still do. I left without explaining much except to the closest of friends and I'm finally at a place where I feel an explanation is due. This was now the fourth time in my life where I had completely ignored the soul and followed my ego driven dreams/conditioning and made it to a place where everything BUT my spiritual side was completely satisfied.

First was Miami where through HARD physical work I managed to have a place on the beach, two cars, a girlfriend and a dog. Trying my hardest to fulfill what I was told would make me happy (finance, material stuff, a pretty girl and lastly I tried to fill the void with a dog), yet I was still unhappy. At this point I figured it was because I wasn't skating enough so we wrapped our life up and restarted in Tampa.

Once in Tampa conditioning took it's course. Although I was starting to get that money it wasn't everything, so skating was prioritized. I began working towards my passion. Skate park of Tampa being down the street made that pro-life very lucrative. At this point I had left all my sponsors from Miami and was convinced I would find the right company that would get me and that I could relate to. To my surprise none did, even the great start up dream that was SPOT just looked at me as a dollar sign. Confused and disappointed by the industry I set out to start my own company. A company that stood for the skater, the dream, and less on the money and feeding the trendy industry bs.

I created my own company and BLNT was born (Become Legend Not Trend). As happy and commited as I was to feeding the company and what it needed to grow, I still had all the responsibilities of what I now call sheeple; working day in and day out, partying every weekend, going through the motions of an unenlightened relationship and unable to voice those feelings because almost NOBODY understood.

I give huge credit to my mom. She has always been there for me. She was always that one person who understood the soul's cries for help (she became an energy healer while I was in high-school). She always had the best advice and since day one would push me to connect to myself. (I admit I had no idea what that meant... Myself? I was convinced success in what my passion is has to be what myself wants.... No?) Well sure enough that's exactly what I defined it to be.

Within a year after starting BLNT I began using the 'Law of Attraction' and visualization to live out what I believed to be "myself's" true fulfillment (going on tours, only having to skate, sharing my passion with the world). Within 3 weeks of daily visualizations and focus I met an awesome friend who ended up being the exact thing I attracted. As I was seeking a way to live life skating on tour and through my visualizations and law of attraction the universe brought me this individual. He had connections and the ability to provide me the opportunity to live out this lifestyle. Within a couple months of filming I once again changed my whole life leaving everything behind to follow "myself's" dream. Touring across the U.S. was one of the best of my life's experiences, don't get me wrong especially doing something I love, but once again something was missing. A disconnection that not only I felt but my great friend felt too. A feeling that lead us to not trust the divine connection to source. At times the mentality was as if we were waiting to get screwed over by companies/individuals, not realizing because of the law of attraction that's exactly what was being brought into our reality. So our tour was brought to a halt. (Law of attraction knows no boundaries; whether what you are focusing on is perceived by you as "good" or "bad", it will still come to be if that is where your energy is going).

Confused like never before, I was forced to start my life over AGAIN this time on my mom's couch at age 25. Fortunately, by being so close to her and having so much free time on my hands, I began to learn how to meditate and started taking my quest inward. Asking questions and learning about astral projections, mediums and a tiny bit about the soul. By a medium at a metaphysical temple, I was given strict advice as to what to do to grow my spiritual side and a tiny glimpse as to what my soul's purpose was. Which of course I completely ignored responding from my egoic mind and social conditioning. Using my previously learned method of manifestation, the law of attraction, I was blessed by a previous shop sponsor with my own Skateshop. A new more self aware adventure took place at Ambition Skateshop minutes away from Clearwater beach. I was truly blessed with not only a shop but a giant Woodward style skatepark to do as I pleased. Best part about it was the summer camp. At one point I had a class of 32 amazing kids that I got to teach and learn SO much from. There is no love like that from a child, they are still so connected to their rawest self and are capable of TRULY believing ANYTHING you tell them. When I became aware of this, I had taught them how to heal themselves and each-other effortlessly. I learned this healing, the basics from my mother, but mostly pure intuition. I still to this day get messages from some of the children I taught. ❤️

As amazing as it was after a year of it I felt caged by the shop and my personal life situation. I was in a hiatus and the more I wanted out the more life managed to create a perfect exit route for me (law of attraction or divine order? Who knows) I knew I needed a BIG change, something away from it all. I did what I always wanted to do and went to my motherland (COLOMBIA) on a month skate tour. This is where I was born and raised till the age of seven. Funny thing is, I had no idea what I was going to come back to once the trip ended. I no longer had a place to live in FL and the moms had moved on her own journey to the middle of nowhere, Williston, ND.

Trusting life and it's manifesting powers I decided to just leave regardless. I met my dad for the second time (I had not seen him since I was 7 years old). Somehow by the second day I was skating around with a giant entourage roughly 15 -20 homies taking road trips around Colombia reconnecting to that little kid in me that just wanted to travel and skate. A huge lesson for me, seeing how hard life was for the majority of people there and TRULY feeling how lucky and blessed I was to not only have made it out but also having created a life around my passion. They looked at me like we look at celebrities in the states but a little less hopeful... like something they would never be able to reach. That made me sad, so I made it a point to talk personally to as many of them as possible in hopes of helping them break the barriers that had conditioned them to think that way. I'm not going to say the ego didn't love every minute of it, but you bet your ass I did everything in my power to smack it in the face by taking myself off that non-existing pedestal as much as possible. We all have egos, it's how we react to them that makes the difference. I was very humbled by the experience and once arriving in North Dakota I was overly determined to live out my dream. My thoughts exactly, "If I have such blessings to not be conditioned that way and to live in a place where you really have a chance to succeed, I am going to do everything in my power to make it as big as I possibly can".

Once again defining success from material gain, I linked up with my mom in ND where an oil boom had struck and money was a flowing. Minimum wage was at 25$ an hour and I worked my ass off to save as much as possible in order to move to Cali and live the American Dream. Once again flooded by outer perceptions and forgetting about the inner-self.... Hard headed aren't we? � 
Sure enough I made the cash, flew to LA, and set out to create a life that I thought I wanted and had not yet experienced. Within the first couple of months everything came together "perfectly". An array of talented individuals, situations, and tools were at my palms to help me make my company as big as I desired. With everything being set and money being no issue it made no sense to anyone as to why I would pack my bags and leave.

Here is the long story shortened of what happened.... 
As I'm leaving ND and taking my life with me to LA I took a couple trips back and fourth. On my last trip I ended up meeting someone who truly helped me change my life. Her name is Stacey. I know what your thinking but you are wrong. This wasn't based on the fairytale love at first sight as some might put it, I've actually never fought off anyone as hard as I tried to fight the essence of her existence. (You have to understand at this point my life is going PERFECT... Or so I thought) the LAST thing I wanted (I even said these exact words to her) "the last thing I want is to get into any type of relationship" I'm was for the first time in a LONG time a free man (having just ended a three year relationship) and I'm enjoying every minute of it. She felt very similar in her life. She was also going through some shifts, rebuilding her company and had no interest in being tied down. In fact, she didn't even live in the same country as I. She lived ....well you guessed it in Canada haha. Our first encounter was magical. She had originally came to ND on one of my visits to help my mom with her company to train me for my Reiki Level I & II Certification. There was something completely out of the ordinary about the way our energies felt around each other. The synchronicites within our lives were freaking us out. The first holy shit moment being the tattoo on her left hip of the EXACT same white dove that is my mom's company logo. Seeing as how the instant her and my mom met they became inseparable. Remember, my mom is a healer and she had lost her way as well for a while. The second they met my mom had a sparkle in her eye that I hadn't seen since high school when she first became a holistic healer. The synchronicities go on and on, maybe I'll indulge more on it another time. Point being, shit got weird and my ego wanted nothing to do with it. (This was no time for me to get involved with anything or anyone other than my skating, my company and my worldly success.... right?) 
Sure enough I flew back back to Cali Cali to keep living my bad ass life placing that "out of this world " scenario in the past (although the tiny part of me that was still connected to my soul managed to keep a connection with her every once in a while, whether a text or message here and there (thanks soul).

Couple weeks later I get a phone call, Stacey in a shy like voice "Hey.... there's something I kinda feel like you would want to know". "Oh man"... was my initial thought lol. She went on to explain to me that one of her good friends is a well trusted medium and that she had a heavy conversation with him. He apparently knew all about me even before she told him who I was. As he went on to explain to her that we are 'Twin Flames' and that my soul had been visiting him for a while and my soul explained to him what was happening. I knew about mediums but man did my ego want to call the BS card on that. Nothing against her, it's just that how could my ego be ok with something that heavy happening now!? Out of all times in my life this is when you come as I FINALLY see the "light" at the end of the tunnel where my worldly success is getting closer by the day!? "Well that's pretty intense I replied ..... Can I speak to this medium, cuz I need to hear this for myself." Not completely shutting down the idea... I mean I was there and felt and saw all the signs but I had to know for sure if I was even going to entertain the idea. (What a shit head I had become �) We love to call out other people's shit but man oh man can we not smell our own -someone smart.

That call was in-fucking-sane. Dude knew shit about me that I didn't even (consciously) know. He knew about my inner most fears, everything about my company, family, and he even told me exactly what my skateboard looked like that I had just set up that day. He explained to me who Stacey and I were to each-other and why my mom and I were so close. He strongly guided me to change my life and to pursue my soul's purpose..... 
My response, "I mean all that makes sense just not right now" and I ran with it, my ego was not budging and for EIGHT months I chose the blue pill stayed in the matrix and lived it UP. Partying in mansions in the hills, smoking tons of green, womanizing you name it. I was doing everything I could to cram in that sleepy, unawakened mind-set knowing deep inside it was going to come to an end sooner than later. I don't regret it because I know "right" or not that was my biggest dream at one point. I knew it was completely EGO based but like it or not the ego is a part of us and I honored that. Especially knowing that I swore to myself that once I set my mind up to follow my soul my ego would be in check at all time. His last outing I call it.

Being consciously oblivious things started to get heavy in Canada as all others who are part of my mission were having to go through the preparations without me. I became the weak link and although I didn't see myself as being needed by them I understood that a table without a leg still stands but not as strong. In the final attempt by my guides and soul they had an emergency medium session this time through one of our team members who is what they call a living portal, meaning she can actually let higher vibrational beings (such as guides or even passed loved ones) use her body to communicate to us on the "physical realm" and had her record the session where all my guides called me out and in a sense ripped me a new one for what they called "abusing my free will" and reminded me that I chose this before my birth and warned me that everything I was doing, I was doing without them and that they were getting "annoyed". I couldn't explain why but man did that hit home for me... I was distraught ... I had pictured them assisting me in everything I had managed to create and attract. I mean I was ripping it up and down L.A. on my bike cheating death on a daily basis. I was completely convinced it was because of their protection over me(not that I was driving like an asshole, but I was extremely confident in my skills and never doubted my intuition because to me it was them, my guides). And after the emergency session hearing I had no support from them, the idea of me doing that on my own and having them be less than happy with my actions was something I couldn't ignore. My ego fell to the ground as I started waking up from this sleep like state and felt ashamed of how I was living my life and the people who had been holding space for me.

Exterior approval began to mean what it really actually means, NOTHING and my soul crying out at it's last attempt I felt him/me. 
"FUCK" I sighed as I realized what I was going to have to do... essentially leaving all this behind; the lights, the glitter, the fake gold. I was no longer able to be fooled by the show. Fortunately enough to have the support system that I did, of all the people around me. Who at one point I thought were there because of what I could do for them and not out of an unconditional love and belief in me and what I stood for. I threw my hands up and spoke out to my guides and angels .... "I allow you to interfere with my free will in order to have myself follow my soul's purpose. I choose to do what must be done so that I can be a part of my soul's mission and find true happiness and self fulfillment".

Believe me you.... like magic EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING perfectly lined up to have me packed and on a plane to Canada. Even all the people involved with me and my company in LA were relocated and set up to be living their life without my move affecting them in any negative way. A true BLESSING because my whole life, anyone who knows me previously knows I've always gone WAY out of my way for anyone I cared about to make sure they were good and had everything they needed if I could and even at times when I couldn't or shouldn't have helped, I did. I remember my biggest worry when I realized I was going to have to leave was my friends and how they would be affected. Amazing how blessed I feel to know they still back me and show me love even when they didn't understand and probably thought I was delusional haha.

Now life is perfect .... just like my guides told me it would be. I live with my soul's counterpart Stacey, growing every day more connected to my true self, remembering my gifts/powers I never knew I had, and skating with more confidence than ever in my life. Affirming everyday with constant reassurance from our mission guides as they tell us, "the best is yet to come!"

Thanks for reading

Spoonful of Stacey - Thoughts from September 1st

Blurb from September 1st, 2016

So much change and growth occurring some out of our control, some unconsciously attracted by our thoughts, actions, and intentions! But all divine even though it may not seem that way at the present time. 


Today marks the first of September, which for me has always been welcomed with my birthday landing in the beginning of the month. The seasons shifting are transforming the scenery and the temperature naturally just as we are required to allow and find acceptance for the endings and beginnings taking place in our organic life cycles. 

Today also happens to be the day I officially get a roommate, a business partner, and a partner in crime and divine. It's been an interesting journey getting to this point, pulling me through a roller coaster of seemingly highs and lows, loops and turns struggling to find the moments in between the breaths. This morning I am taking the moment to just acknowledge what's present and share with you. I'd love for anyone to comment below with a change or shift that's occurring in your life! Maybe one you are struggling to understand, a change maybe at first unwelcomed but now you are experiencing the benefits from, and/or a shift you are so grateful for! 

Just for today I am grateful that through following my intuition regardless of the scrutiny, judgement, gossips, false accusations, and hurtful words. Despite the lack of emotional support and understanding. I had the courage and strength to continue pushing through, reversing my health, unveiling truths, exploring what humans are capable of, resetting such fucked up conditioning by our society, and the ability to use all my going throughs to inspire others to also begin to think consciously and for themselves. 

Just for today I am grateful that through brightening my, well for shits and giggles let's use the words some have described me with as of lately; weird, delusional, and nut job liiiight so bright I found health, a limitless supply of resources, my purpose, my true love, compassion for myself and others, and live everyday with more acceptance and joy over what is! 

Magical energy shift to you all,

Keep it kind,

Namastacey (~*~)

Spoonful of Stacey - Stand up my girl and don't let anyone give you shit!

Lately I've been feeling attacked and to put it simply my hearts been hurting. As it continues to be brought into my awareness the cruel judgements casted my way. Firstly, that the result of someone's personal choices on their own individual life path were influenced, brainwashed, warped by me. Secondly, that other healers, spiritual teachers are creating false stories about my character. Does this not go against everything we believe and teach to our own clientele? I'm not in a pissing contest for whose the most powerful, or who is the greatest healer, or wanting personal gain. I do what I do because I was dying and had to learn what the fuck was going on and find the root of my illnesses. That is what lead me to finding my truth, creating my business, and living my soul's purpose.

Through written word I've been divinely guided to share my experiences in hopes to inspire others. I at first ignoring the urge of my soul to speak out and stand up for myself on this topic, a reaction from my egoic mind and old insecurities. I was picked on, teased, talked shit about for most of my life and never defended myself and after years of self discovery and healing will no longer stand for it. If you've read any of my previous blogs or experienced a session I make it clear I will not advise you to make the choices I think are best. Intuitively I may pick this information up from your higher self, soul, heart and share with you options of where life may lead by first asking, "Would you like my advice, or what is coming up, what I am being shown". As we humans come with FREE WILL and any option one chooses to take will conjure a different path and result. I don't believe in right or wrong, successes or failures. There are merely choices and whichever path one chooses will provide us an experience in which one can learn and grow from.

My goal as a mentor, healer, human being is to simple hold space for my clientele, soul family/friends to transition through their lives and what challenge, struggle, lesson, level they are going through in a way that best serves them and where they are at on their journey around the sun. Offering them a shoulder to cry on, a healing hand to hold, a bedroom to stay in, an ear to vent to, a heart to embrace them, or a bright light to receive from. I teach one how to connect with their higher intelligence, how to understand the secret language of their body, and offer a shifted perception on how to view these struggles, challenges, and lessons. I preach how we as individual human beings are our own smartest doctor, teacher, philosopher, healer, counsellor and on repeat state how I do not know what's best for anyone, they already have the answers. I and what I do and will continue too is give my friends, family, and clientele who are ready to discover self the tools of how to turn inward, to gain this divine information, to develop their intuition, to tune into illnesses, aches, pains receiving the answer to the root of their existence and begin living consciously, mindful, aware, accepting and compassionate just as I have done to reverse my failing health and learn who I truly am.

As all I've strived to do and am so passionate about contributing my part in influencing a world that no longer knows separation from
one another, that no longer casts ignorant judgments at one another, for individuals to follow and lead with their heart's calling and this will only happen when one first learns how to live consciously and love themselves. Suggesting that any of my clientele, friends, family learn how to think freely and for themselves and can create the life they have always dreamt of. Without the worry, fear, expectation, or assumption of disappointing and receiving judgement from others. Doesn't that sound warm, gentle, and accepting. Why are we so conditioned to spread gossip, bullshit, hate, and cast our own personal fears, expectations, and assumptions on one another? This saddens me to my very core. Don't any of you watch Ellen Degeneres, "Be kind to one another" she preaches as she closes off her talk show. Listen to Ellen she's figured it out! Lol Yes, I will use humor as I know not to take any of this personal, for my soul/heart is aware it has nothing to do with me, yes it stings for a while as I allow myself to feel the triggered emotions from past situations similar to this experience. But quite frankly this is all your own fears, worries, aka darkness and a beautiful lesson for me to stand my ground, remember who I am, release the suppressed initial emotions being triggered and to practice forgiveness for those who have harmed me through thought, word, or deed intentionally or non-intentionally.

Here is some what you may deem as crazy out of this world, nutjob shit and trust me a few years ago I would have felt the same when I lived unconscious, unaware and blinded by my social conditioning. My grandma who is now past came through a dear friend of mine, she is a medium and living portal which means souls/spirits/the other side can speak through her. As I was expressing my feelings to my partner while pillow talking before bedtime last night at how receiving such judgment and accusations from a community I was born and raised in, a community I am so passionate about helping and healing was treating me in such a way I received a text stating my Grandma wanted to talk to me. Here are some words from the other side. And note my Grandma was a very strict religious women, Roman Catholic to be exact.

"Remember back when they said things too, always saying stupid shit to you. You didn't know then that it didn't matter but it's no different now then it was then. People will say things because it's easier to blame than to face the truth and to victimize a human to be the face of what they are scared to say is true. Stand up my girl and don't let anyone give you shit. Your on this journey and even I doubted your gifts... I saw some tears and those are not needed, so let them flow and GO! I am always here.. And I just wanted you to know, that what your feeling is okay but for god sakes let it go". -Grams

I felt a flood of tears creep into my ducts as I repeatedly read the message connecting to my loved one and a complete validation in all I knew to be true. I felt supported as my partner snuggled closer and reminded me of the admiration he had for how strong I've had to be through my challenges, this in comparison the tiniest hiccup to what I've endured in order to become the activist, light, healer, humanitarian I chose to be longggg before coming to this planet.
So like I've done and will continue to share this is my story, my experience, my truth and I hope it reaches you all well. And thank you for to my support system and fellow healers for being the love and spreading it. "Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind." -Henry James

The teacher and light in me, honor and acknowledge the teacher and light in each and everyone of you,

Namastacey (~*~)

Spoonful of Stacey - Fucking Yoga

Practicing yoga for me reflects the status of my present relationship with self. During cosmic shifts and weaving through my own cycles, the upbringing of suppressed, stale frequencies can feel as though I'm in a rainstorm with no umbrella or rubber boots for protection against the heavy downpours and gusting winds. Swirling and spiraling through layers, surfacing the rawness of previous hidden unwanted emotions, dense stories and definitions that are limiting my growth and preventing me from ascending to my next level in this Earth game. At times I'll resort to my comforts as a way to cope; eating a lot of food(sweets, salties, yum yums), smoking some herb, and escaping into a binge of meaningless television. I refer to this as responding to life's challenges from our egoic side, comfort zones, and lower vibrations.

Confession, I put my asana practice on the back burner, along with prioritizing self care and resorted back to my old patterns and responses during this cosmic shift crazily compelling us all. Some, the sensy pots are consciously aware of this energetic awakening and opportunity, others are feeling it but not sure what the fuck is going on. Similar to when I was unaware of how my hyper sensitive vessel absorbed energies. I used food, drugs, alcohol, relationships, tv as an unconscious way of lowering my crazy high vibration so I couldn't FEEL as much. I wasn't mindful that this was what I was doing but now understanding energy and how it works in and around our ecosystems, this is exactly what I was attempting to do. Block everyone, everything out. It can be overwhelming being a sponge 24/7 absorbing thoughts, feelings, pains of others, especially when energies are amped up and it's time for me to shift to an even higher sensitivity. Now being aware and awakened to my empathic, sensy self that doesn't automatically make it easier. It takes willpower for one to not to resort back to his or her old patterns, but also a great deal of compassion for self when we visit the old patterns of how we've responded to challenges and shifts in our reality. My practice shows me exactly how my body is feeling, she talks to me through tightness, tension, loss of range of motion, and rigidness. Projecting a map of where lower vibes have been shoved, suppressed, and hidden. Usually in my hips, as this location stores vibrations from our relationship with self, others and our ability to go with the flow, to create and harmonize. As well as in my shoulder girdle, lacking connection to source, not speaking/living in my truth, and giving my power away by responding to life in a way that's less beneficially for my three part being; mind, body and soul. With this practice being a projection of ones relationship with self and me wanting to hide, turtle away, escape from all the going throughs you might understand why I put asana to the side. Escaping from the truth, my truth. I could hear and feel my heart & soul's urgent call...practice yoga, get outside, drink more water, clear, release, be grateful, but at times my humanness and all around stubbornness will be driving this vessel instead of the divine intelligence the soul, intuition, and heart provide. With everyone collectively going through their shit this girl feeeeels it, my own muck amplified and lower vibrations of others, it can be intense!

I've flowed through this cycle with awareness for a few years now watching myself weave in and out. In the past during the lower waves I would cast harsh judgments, guilt, shame for ignoring my higher self. But through the experiences and years I've learned how counterproductive this can be and attracts more of that vibration into my space. To just allow and accept what's present is needed. I look at it as opportunity to visit my darkness, to dance with it, sleep with it, smoke with it, and when I've gained all the information I need, remember why I don't visit those comforts and feel ready to wake back up again, I do.

It need not be big or dramatic, I don't throw myself an enlightenment party, in all honesty I just laugh at myself and my silly ways. One must embrace their darkness in order to see their own light. This game of life is one hell of an adventure and it can be fucking hard at times. By gaining compassion and acceptance over self it will organically begin to spill over into your relationships with others. Overtime if we all practiced such unconditional love and acceptance, imagine how much more harmony their would be amongst one another.

This morning I'm filled with gratitude for this amazing medicine and art that is yoga. After a magical week celebrating my last 27 years surfing around the sun, a yummy weekend reconnecting with self at Prairie Love Yoga Festival, and a balancing out of energies, I feel shifted into a content state of consciousness. I am thankful for our on and off again relationship, yoga. You always take me back with open arms and hold space for me to flow through my current challenges and show me exactly what's present in my reality.

May all beings everywhere be happy and free,

Namastacey (~*~)