Now is my time to step into my role I can honestly say that for the last three and half years my entire life has been directed towards transforming myself as a person, reversing my failing health from the root of it’s existence, exploring my authentic self, and remembering the heightened intelligence and potential a human being is capable of mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Now that I have come to a certain understanding, competence and realization within my own experience of life, I am ready to start sharing the most powerful tools and exercises that have lead me from a perspective of helplessness, anger, fear, anxiety, depression and victimization, to a place of empowerment, adventure, curiosity, creativity, joy, passion and excitement. If you know there is more to life and are ready to take yourself to a new dimension of experience, I will support you through your obstacles, challenges, and traumas into a life of hope, transformation, connection, guiding you into the greatest version of yourself!
— Stacey Rey

In general, a teacher or mentor is a person who guides, instructs, or helps another in the process of gaining knowledge, understanding, or skills. What about a spiritual teacher or mentor? What is their role? And more specifically what does a spiritual teacher or mentor do? A spiritual teacher/mentor’s role is unique in that the goal is not to transmit knowledge or understanding as much as it is to somehow bring about a recognition in the student of the student’s own pre-existing nature. This is a much more subtle thing than simply teaching someone a skill or understanding. It is not that a spiritual teacher never provides spiritual teaching or knowledge or understanding, but that knowledge or understanding by itself is not the goal. A student can have a broad knowledge of spiritual principles, and yet can still not have truly recognized those principles as being inherent in his or her own being. So spiritual teachers or mentors may teach a lot or they may not teach anything, depending on what the student needs in that moment to experience this deeper recognition of their own true nature. This may seem like a subtle distinction between the role of a spiritual teacher and a regular teacher, but it makes a huge difference. The regular teacher usually has something specific to transmit, and there is often an implied assumption that the student will have more understanding or be better off when the teaching is completed. But the spiritual teacher is pointing to something that is already present in the student. It is like teaching someone to have shoulders. You can’t really teach the having of shoulders to someone who already has shoulders! But you can make them more aware of the shoulders they already have.

A Few Areas I've Covered:

  • Looking to learn your unique spiritual gifts and practice developing them?
  • Wanting to start your own business as a Spiritual Leader/Teacher?
  • In need of guidance on your awakened path?
  • How do I talk to my Spirit Guides? What and who are my guides?
  • Medium-ship Training
  • How to work with sound, aroma, crystal therapy?
  • Advanced learning of the Energetic System & Healing Modalities 

As all individuals are so divinely unique, I invoke my and their guides to channel through me the information, practices, and sessions that particular client is needing in that moment. This session is available online or in studio. 

Investment into your health & wellness with Stacey Rey

90 minute Session $90.00 / Two Hour $120.00