Card Readings

Angel, Tarot, Oracle Card Readings can be a powerful tool for those seeking guidance in their life. The cards can give insight into relationships, careers and finances while giving the recipient peace of mind and confidence in their decisions. They can also offer general guidance regarding a certain area of your life. Without asking a specific question, these readings are particularly useful when experiencing a transition in life in either your relationship, home or career during the moon phases to become aware of what energy is presently compelling you.

Asking the cards to reveal information about a specific question is a powerful method used in readings. Those seeking a reading should not expect to receive a simple yes or no answer; instead, the cards should be used to guide the recipient toward making decisions that will bring them the gentlest of lessons and most extraordinaire life. Questions should be specific but open-ended and focus on your own actions, not those of others. For example, do not ask how you can get your mother-in-law to move out; instead ask how you can work to change your relationship for the better. Keep and open mind to receive the full benefits of your angel card readings. 

As the practitioner we tap into Angelic presence as well as the individuals Higher Self to guide the recipient toward their best life. Readings may focus on a specific question or be more open-ended, simply honing in on a general aspect of life. They may also be effective methods of tuning into subconscious thoughts, emotions and visions that can also serve as guidance. 

This modality is used in our 'Intuitive Personalized Healing Journey'.