This process helps the binding, calibrating, and healing of all the parts of our being. With the combined use of NLP, Reiki, Multidimensional Channelling & Intuition/Development there is no issue we are unable to reach & assist with this healing. Our souls are infinite in nature and may have been around for unimaginable amounts of lives, whether in this plane, universe, dimension, or any number of future, past or parallel realities.

All our lives, memories, & traumas are stored within our cellular makeup/DNA, this provides a crumb trail which we can assist you to follow back to the root of ANY issue, heal it & integrate your soul fragment that has been traumatically anchored to this event, back with the present moment version of you. Throughout the last couple hundreds of years humans have became completely disconnected from their root and their intuitive knowing of their multilevel makeup. We are in an age where humans collectively are at their lowest point of self awareness and highest point of spiritual ignorance.

TRUTH — is of an extremely high vibration that when downloaded causes a chain reaction, sparking the memories that lay dormant within us all. You can experience this type of truth sensationally because all parts of your being begin to connect. This process happens on a molecular & cellular level awakening the dormant strains of our DNA. The next step in our Species’s history is an evolution which begins with this Self Discovery and Advanced Multi-Level Energy Healing. 

This modality is used in our Consultation + Intuitive Personalized Healing Journey. To learn more about NLP Coaching read the commonly asked questions below.