When one feels the calling to begin their own Spiritual Practice and step into their Purpose of becoming a Spiritual Leader they will energetically begin to attract their Guide or Mentor that was contracted to assist them on their Earthly pursuits. If you feel the call, intuitive nudge to begin this work with us we would LOVE to assist you on your awakened path + into your greatest SELF.

Mentorship Includes but is not limited to: 

-Personalized Healing Journey

-Advanced Learning of our Multilevel Bodies; Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Energetical, + Physical

-Psychic/Intuitive Development

-Training in Advanced Quantum Healing: Past Life Regression, Cord Cutting, Shielding, Aura Clearing, Vow Breaking, Soul Fragment Retrievel, Soul Contracts, Timeline Hypnosis, DNA Activation, BodyTalk, Emotion Code, Expert Reiki Healing, Space Clearing, Quantum Cellular Healing, Chakra Healing/Reading, Multiverse Integration Healing, Inner Child Healing, Tantric Sexual Healing, Tantric Reiki, Reiki Certifications, ETC.

-Mediumship-Channeling Training

-How to work with Sound, Aroma, Crystal Therapy.

-Spirit Guides/Archangels/Angels

-Developing your own Spiritual Practice/Business

-Discovering your Life Purpose